~ALFREDO MARTINEZ: what me, embellish . . . ?

ok, maybe just exaggerate, a little bit. tell a little white lie here and there, go to jail for art forgery, you know the regular stuff !!

JOCKO WEYLAND – who has also been following Alfredo’s colorful exploits forever – wrote in to say that ALFREDO was really only in Chinese jail for about 3 weeks, tops.

ok. Alfredo and Josh did tell me 3 months – but knowing Alfie – I’ll take Jocko’s timeframe – under serious consideration – as the bonafide version.

BUT the main point is: he was TRULY in SECRET CHINESE DETENTION, he was terrified to the point of being scared for his life – and he did get deported, sent home on a one way plane ticket, only after the intervention of JOSH HARRIS and BYRON HAYES, and his legs are truly purple, from the knees down – on his first day back.
Photos DON’T lie.

ALFREDO MARTINEZ, happy to be back in the USA !!
he has just landed in Williamsburg – after being unceremoniously sent back home on a one-way ticket by CHINA.
PHOTO: NANCY SMITH. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. AUG 19, 2010.

JOCKO WEYLAND actually went to China – while Alfredo was there and wrote up the experience for VICE !!

hey, it’s a rainy day – what else do you have to do: ‘RAW CHINA – A Day With ALFREDO MARTINEZ at the Military Museum’ – by JOCKO WEYLAND – in VICE, “published 3 years ago” – that would be ca. 2009 !!

just btw: we were all amazed that ALFREDO even got to go to China in the first place.
esp after he had done gone and got busted . . . and sent away to the big house for about 2 years (2002 -2004) for his notorious BASQUIAT caper – he tried to pass one off on a convicted drug dealer !! turned art dealer !!
that’ll do it to ya – every time.

and SO: he was a convicted felon, was he not ??!!!!

do felons get visas to China ? even as resident guest artists, like they say . . . just asking.