~CHRISTOPHER MARTIN opens at Little Cakes/today!

Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin #2

Christopher # 2

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it’s a nice sunny day, maybe a stroll over to the East Village is in order ! – in Celebration of Earth Day and the opening of the show, Little Cakes will be giving away small succulents and planties to the first 5 visitors – this Saturday & Sunday !!


Drawings, Light Boxes, & Little Characters that live on cliffs . . .
at Little Cakes Little Gallery – 625 East 6th Street # 1B (bet Ave B & Ave C)
April 20 – May 20, 2007

. . . “his drawings mimic collages when in fact, every part of them has been handpainted . .. he has also sanded particular areas for a worn look that contrasts with other areas that are bubbly and videogame-like.

. . . “Christopher’s light boxes make one dream about the possibility of Atlantis or the Fortress of Solitude in psychedelic colors. They glow like gemstones and pull the viewer in through the lines of perspective. The boxes are lit from behind in both white and black light. Each light tube can be switched on and off to create different color effects.

. . . “The cliff dwelling ‘dudes’ that live in Christopher’s magical world look as if they were caught in the middle of a rountine day chugging drinks from gourds . . Viewers are treated to Christopher’s skills as a crafts person . . they are made from found wood. One is made from pieces chewed by beavers, while another is made from a chunk of wood with three knots that form both eyes and a nose. Each ‘dude’ wears armor made of layers of cloth scales. The canopies they sit below are made from boat sail fabric … they are mini tents shielding them from the rays of the sun and droplets of rain in a world unknown to us.

. . . “CHRISTOPHER MARTIN lives and works in TORONTO, Canada. he is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of design.
His day job is a somewhat glamorous one: he is the co-host of a FOOD NETWORK CANADA show – “FOOD JAMMERS” – where he and 2 other conspirators construct homebrew cooking equipment using junkyard parts, found objects, and locally sourced ingredients. The show is seen coast to coast in Canada and is also broadcast in Australia, Italy, Brazil and Thailand !

. . .” . . ‘SHAPESHIFTERS’ is Christopher Martin’s first solo show in New York City.”

(Little Cakes press release)

PHOTOS: COURTESY Little Cakes Little Gallery

Little Cakes Gallery Hours are: Friday thru Sunday 1pm – 6pm and also by appointment

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UP-DATE: APRIL 24, 2007

Christopher martin - window

CHRISTOPHER MARTIN at Little Cakes Little Gallery, for the first weekend presentation of his: ‘SHAPESHIFTERS’, a show of drawings, lightboxes and ‘little characters’. (his T Shirt says: “Comets on Fire”)
Photographed: Sunday, April 22, 2007
The show runs from April 20 – May 20, 2007
Hours: Friday – Sunday 1 to 6pm & by appointment

w Christopher Martin - wall sculptures

Christopher Martin-detail

CHRISTOPHER MARTIN, ‘little figures’, wall sculptures, he calls the awning tents – “wompers”, the little spirits underneath can also be purchased separately.
The black & white one is about 3-1/2 ft. high, the colored awning one is about 6 ft. high.
you can just make out the layers of tiny ‘scales’ , sort of like feathers, that comprise the wooden “puppet” clothing.
(approx. $1,000 ea. – price varies with number of figures.)

Christopher martin -drawings

CHRISTOPHER MARTIN, ‘Drawings on paper’, (framed), they look like they are collages, but in fact – they are meticulously painted acrylic “drawings”, as Christopher says he prefers to call them, (as opposed to paintings on paper . . ) with varying surface textures.
24 x 30 ins. ($1,500)

Christopher martin lightbox

CHRISTOPHER MARTIN, LIGHTBOXES, 16 x 22 ins. lighting effects can be varied. ($1,800)

ALL (5) UP-DATE PHOTOS: Nancy Smith

more photos of the installation to post THURSDAY APRIL 24, 2007

little cakes