~JIM JOE . . install shot by ANDREW KASS / & some throwback to . . Simon


looks to be an early installation shot of the JIM JOE show, ‘LOOK MEANS MEMORIZE’ opening at THE HOLE to-night / Thurs April 28, 2016
great photo.
everything is in simple mode synch, but DEEP.
and the lighting is, well . . gorgeous. sunrise. sunset. whatever.
good lighting & strong words, throw in some handmade calligraphy – and it’s one damn good milk shake, by any name.

Photo by: ANDREW KASS, via Instagram – @andrewkass.
nice . . . ‘like a rainbow’.

ps: words for the old crew, lol.
this makes me laugh, because . . it reminds me of Simon, in a few brief phrases.
SIMON, SIMON CERIGO, RIP – had a pink rubber eraser I found among his papers.
as if, but I guess there’s always – hope.
where’s the emoji – for that ?

long live . . UNDER THE VOLCANO !!