Noah # 1
NYC-based NOAH LYON – aka RETARD RIOT – had a booth at the recent BROOKLYN COMICS and GRAPHICS FESTIVAL.
Sat, Dec 5, 2009. Williamsburg.

Noah # 2
he makes tiny hand-made, very low-fi black and white comic books – but he presents them in a very arresting way – in plexiglass boxes !! Noah is someone who straddles that fine line between fine artist and comic book artist.

Noah # 3
he also makes T-shirts – that speak for themselves, duh.
all of his work – is a commentary.

noah # 4
he also makes buttons. tons of them.

noah # 5
his most recent publication is a collaboration with MATT LEINES – this is very interesting. for 2 reasons.
one: they both straddle that fine line between art and comics.
two: they are almost polar opposites !! Matt is very detail-oriented and obsessive, whereas Noah is: scribble it out, turn it upside and tear the world apart. Matt Leines never uses words and Noah is pretty much all about words, or at least thoughts.
Matt is introspective and Noah is extroverted. Matt cannot abide to have his photo taken, and Noah loves to grandstand !!
in this front cover, the face is pretty much all Matt Leines, the guest. but. the curly multi-eyeballs forehead – is all Noah !!
by the way the book is all of 2-1/2 x 4 in. !!
8 pages altogether including the cover. LOW-FI – YES !! DIY – YES !!
small package – big message – great art – YES !!

noah # 6
little creative acts add up. little creative acts can be very revealing. little books can tell big stories.
if only little creative acts could change the world.
and yes, Noah was sweet enough to inscribe this one to me . . .

noah # 7
so can you tell the NOAH from the MATT ?!!
hint: any Matt Leines fan – could tell you in a nanosecond – the tale of the tiger is Matt.
the polar opposite clash and mesh !! – is all Noah.

noah # 8
Noah’s messages are always – right on point !!
unfortunately for where we are all heading, or is that beheading ?!!
plus – I also like long knives !!

noah # 9
so this is the back cover.
so clueless – where’s MATT ?
it’s all in the eyes.

pictorial scans from NOAH LYON – RETARD RIOT ISSUE twenty eight.
Printed in BROOKLYN SEPT. 2009

yeah, check out: RETARD RIOT !!
just make sure you – come back out !!

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