another monochrome piece, but of a way different, well, not that !! different – of a nature !!
it’s also interesting, how monochrome, gray scale palettes, and hyper-realist, though in this case, a more fluid, looser, expressionistic/painterly, draftsmanship, i.e. we called it: drawing by hand, lol – is re-surging, and takes on an even more powerful stance – in the age of digital reproduction, and color – cheap and easy color, all kinds of color, and even brightness ‘filters’ – everywhere.

street mural by – OJIJDO, aka oji aka @ojijdo . . in Bushwick !!

PHOTO BY: @toris64 via Instagram

toris64: “I live in Stavanger, NORWAY (!!) but travel around … Photos are taken by me with iPhone, unless otherwise stated.”

you can access his Instagram feed via web . . @toris64 – Instagram

OJI appears to be a new age global citizen !!
his website’s language of choice is French, but there are no details as to his bio, or nationality !!
it doesn’t ring as Quebecois, no posts from Montreal !!
a lot from Paris though, got to to be be from France, and – at very least, European.
but it all translates to: HOPE !!
hey !!
vives les new age Frenchies !!