~FAMILY JEWELS . . . HONEY BOO BOO . . in Georgia

what a diff a hundred years can . . . make !!


HONEY BOO BOO ? how low can you go and . . . still come up up shining.
less feral than Hushpuppy and fictional, NOT !! and way lucky, too !! young to be hanging with KANYE – this real-life 6 yr-old self-proclaimed ‘redneck’ beauty pageant ‘daisy duke’ strutter and ‘Elvis’ rocker !! “likes to eat”, chills at Walmart . . . and is the surprise-of-a-lifetime to a very jolly – very overweight ‘extreme coupon queen’ mama, who says says couponing “does not require rocket science”, though she is hard-pressed to do the math, “is better than sex”, and oh yeah, she is NOT a hoarder, excuse me, because she is so organized – and she’s right !! so Honey Boo Boo, hush up and show some respect.

just btw.
I think she also compares extreme couponing . . . to, like the joys of having a “crack rock” – or maybe she was talking about something else. in the same context. deal is, nobody batted an eyelash.
I mean they don’t look to be a wasted truly trailer park family into drugs, not at all. just noting a regional difference in conversational speech, is all. that ‘crack rock’ is a common metaphor down there, to throw around in everyday conversation is all. maybe like weed is up – here ? what the F ?
cause I know – we all love to eat BBQ !!

yep, Honey Boo Boo is America’s new sweetheart, and if you don’t believe me, just goggle her !!
and then, check out her ratings !! ratings never lie !!

her Aug 29, 2012 TLC episode attracted nearly 3 million viewers, eclipsing both the Republican National Convention and single-handedly serving up a huge smack-down to the always ‘classy’ and super annoying Kardashian Klan. though talking bout which, according to the latest web chatter, posted just 30 mins ago, bye the way (!!) – has got momma bear Kris with her panties all tied up in a bunch – over being usurped by lowlife white trash, and a mom . . . “who is exploiting her child”. said in all seriousness, bye the way. I mean where else could you turn to, for relief from the Kardashians, anyways.
Taylor Swift ?

HONEY BOO BOO vs. KIM KARDASHIAN ? no brainer. enuff with Kim already.

well at least unlike Kim Kardashian, Honey Boo Boo’s big claim to fame isn’t a homemade sex tape – it’s homemade ‘Go-Go’ juice – a potent mix of Mountain Dew and Red Bull that has generated, you know – cheater !! – toddler beauty pageant ‘doping’ charges . . that even escalated to the point where Honey Boo Boo and her mom, June – got on national TV with Dr. Drew, king of the celeb rehabbers !!
it’s the biggest doping scandal since Lance Armstrong !! what next – revoke all her trophies ?
first of all – it’s not illegal, and her mom says it could be worse: she could be giving her – alcohol !!

if you really watch the interview clips closely, what’s super telling, is that before Dr. Drew actually samples a batch – he asks this 6 yr old country cutie, more or less: “now you’re sure this doesn’t have any amphetamines in here ?” and the little darling responds without missing a beat, NO. silly !! it’s just caffeine and sugar !!
man, I didn’t even know what CAFFEINE was – when I was 6.
look how far we’ve come as a collective culture, or what.
I mean ‘hoarder’ didn’t even enter my vocab – until a few years ago, either. talk about clueless.
so much for the magic of mass entertainment.

no wonder they have a meth problem down there.

but never you mind. cause we are amovin’ on . . . we’re now dealing with Honey Boo Boo’s sweet but unwed 17 year-old sister, Anna aka ‘Chickadee’, and her newborn baby – who, alas, though nobody’s really saying it out loud, they’re just letting the photos do the talking, for now – didn’t pop out quite so deliciously sturdy as the original clan. and what’s more . . . she has 2 thumbs on each hand. ok, things happen, but put it this way, one of the middle sis’s . . . was already caught dunking the newborn’s pacifier into a cup of Mountain Dew, before shoving it in her mouth.
what’s with that Mountain Dew anyways, maybe I outta get me some . . . and people make fun of Suri Cruise for swiggin’ Perrier. hey, lay off the kids. this is New York, we got our own issues.

but hey, this is Honey Boo Boo’s time to shine – so don’t get me wrong !!
3 million viewers can’t be all wrong, and we’re all sick of the over-enhanced ‘reality’ stars that have been shoved down our throats. and anyways, after Snooki, where else was there to go, but down, or seriously . . .up ? so finally someone, TLC . . . broke the mold. there’s no telling, when and where it’s gonna happen – and that’s half the fun !!

AND don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan, where do you think I’ve been all these past few days . . . just sucking up all I can. it’s super fascinating, pop culture.

one conclusion: I’m sure her fab fab nickname has something to do with it. kudos to her mom !! there is a sweetness and lovingness that permeates the family, I don’t even want to tell you about seeing hardcore hardlife inner city moms smacking their kids around – in the subways here. or the converse upscale divorce casualties, “acting out” on your kid in school, and let’s not even get started on: tiger moms !!

I’m also (super) loving her mom – for demanding that she, the hillbilly mom, be filmed – just as she is. lank danky hair and all. if you watch the youTube clips of the earlier network interview shows: she once let them doll her up and it was a disaster, thank god she had the sense – to put her foot down on that . . . and maybe that’s what – we’re all lovin’ !!

see: good intro . . . HONEY BOO BOO – “We’re fat !!”

watch: meet . . . HONEY BOO BOO and her family.

OF COURSE, since . . . what is it – that they say: you always KILL the one you love !!

now, all everyone is talking about how TLC is ripping the hillbilly family off – by not paying them standard ‘reality’ star fees. oh great. so what’s next ? we’re going to have to watch them move en mass to Calabasas ?
where maybe Paris Jackson and Honey Boo Boo can hook up and be pals ?

anyway, if the newest clip – below – is any indication – the HONEY BOO BOO craze just might have over-extended itself, or . . . . JUST FRIGGIN KEEP THE KID – out of NEW YORK.

or did her mom forget . . . the ‘Go-Go ‘ juice ???

more like got . . . intimated out of administering !! ha.

P.S. I could see it in your face though you were far too polite to say it: you are so right !! HONEY BOO BOO – those guys they put you up with – are LAME.

I’m down with the commentator who added . . .



FOOD LOVER. HONEY BOO BOO . . . She was once a mini beauty queen and a Toddlers and Tiaras star, but now HONEY BOO BOO has admitted her food-loving Georgia family is ‘fat’. TLC / mail online

HONEY BOO BOO . . . in her prime.
all good things don’t last forever . . . esp after the networks get to work on ya.
HONEY BOO BOO – this is YOUR 15 mins !! hope you make it out – ok !!
you go girl. and, your mom – too !!

what up – next ?!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


p.s. what IS it about a catchy name, anyways ? you know K.K. – KARDASHIAN KLAN, ad nauseaum . . .


now that’s good. real good.
if you’re diligent, y’all will catch – the ‘commentary’ on the youTube sites.

the best sub-genre is the black vs white trash ‘talk’ – claims and counterclaims.
as in ‘HONEY BOO BOO CHILD’ . . . !!
for which someone actually claims that . . . the origin for that type of poor manners ‘lowlife’ culture ‘swagger’ . . . actually came over here with the low class whites – who were ‘exiled’ from the uppity eastern seaboard colonies to down south – where they in turn, taught it to the ‘slave’ blacks, so it’s really white trash talkin – not black man ‘wannabe’ jivin . . !!
no kidding, look it up for yourself.


maybe I should change the site’s name to – NANNY RAW RAW !!

a struggling artist – who never made it – spouting her brains out on the internet.

just joking, NOT !!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Faberge . . . as far as you can get from Walmart – in just 100 years !!


in materials, craftsmanship, and, in . . . ‘fame’.

here’s the deal.

you kill the one you love – as in HONEY BOO BOO – being exploited to death by national media attention. and sure to burn out. just as quickly as she lit up.

and the ones you kill, the Russians assassinated their imperial family in the revolution of 1918 . . . live on forever ?