~MY FAM . . at the opening / ‘Perpetual Screw’, International Objects – UPDATED WITH 2 ARCHIVAL WLIP / WE LIVE IN PUBLIC, PHOTOS

MY FAM . . . at the opening:

from left:

NICHOLAS STEINDORF, my son-in-law :), perhaps better known as, 1/2 of the NYC-based, forward future-looking,
Blinn & Lambert digital art collab; and father to my little, but way spunky grandson, Jules Simon Steindorf,
next gen art collector, maybe ? if not, then: world explorer / oh, ok.
make that . . worlds, plural !!

my son, THEO CERIGO, who survived being the 12 yr. old kid, shooting off Alfredo’s big ‘prop’ guns, in ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’, the Sundance 2009 Grand Jury Award Winning Documentary . . which told the story of our Big New Year’s Eve Party of the milestone Millennial / DEC – JAN 14th, 2020. an explosive, downtown, way, way rebel indie, $1 million dollar+ cutting-edge / nascent web-tech / surveillance-wired Art Party. An Installation which was Interactive, often Adults-only XXX-rated, and, open to the public 24/7, with open bars, meaning free, back then.
we had a 90+ resident-artist crew, some international / which was a Josh Harris – Pseudo.com funded & led production.

needless to say Theo, was not only the youngest kid to participate in ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’, but, the only one.
and apparently, even though he has long held a very useful Masters Degree in Financial Science, please check out the hat / he has never lost that inward ‘flair’, and questing, that his early brush with cinematic stardom, a kind of ‘INDIANNA JONES meets Downtown NYC art scene’, an, blows-up.
he says, he’s going to open a pop-up gallery in Chinatown, next year, and you know what ?
I wouldn’t want to be the one, who bet against him. stay tuned.

as well:

a heartfelt, recent RIP, goes out to: Alfredo Martinez, aka ‘the Real Fake Basquiat’ / artist, forger, & gun-maker, who left us – a few short months ago.

and, a big . . shout-out to JOSH HARRIS / our intrepid web entrepreneur, who some mainstream critics even call the ‘Warhol of the Web’, our fearless, or is that mega-bucks art patron / who made his $86 million fortune selling Jupiter.com a few scant years after founding it, the first web tracking site, and the set up the art-centric Pseudo.com / a live-streaming enterprise, run out of the PSEUDO.com studios – at the south-west corner of Houston and Broadway, when there was only: dial-up !!
and, I guess, another lol, is in order here, though I seriously – try hard, not to fall into that trap.

at right: my KATE CERIGO, is a professional creative; currently in the media & fashion world,
with an SVA degree in Graphics, from about a decade ago.
unlike the rest of us, i.e. her family, she prefers to keep things, on the down-low.

see: Nicholas Steindorf on IG / @nchlsstndrf
see: Blinn & Lambert on IG / @blinn_and_lambert
see: Kate Cerigo on IG / @katecerigo

OPENED SEPT 30, 2023.

so, what do we know about . . Industrial Design & ART Installations /

THEO CERIGO . . aged 12, in his pod, at ‘QUIET’ / ‘WE LIVE IN PUBLIC’.
DOWNTOWN NYC, DEC 15 – JAN 10, 2020.
btw, he’s wearing the standard issue – WLIP in-house production crew uniform: orange work pants, and gray button-up utility shirt. this uniform might not be considered radical now, but coming out of the disco 80s, and then the jeans & flannel 90’s, it was.
the fully-wired, ‘QUIET’ Pod Hotel, inspired by Japanese pod hotels, was designed & fabricated by JEFF GOMPERTZ.
‘Quiet’ was the original name for the Millennial bash plus art installation; as it grew & evolved, and as its social media / frontier implications became more defined / esp with 24/ surveillance, and live streaming / the ‘party’, morphed into a brand: WE LIVE IN OPUBLIC, I mean even the ‘community’ shower, was transparent & live streaming.
Archival Photo: NANCY SMITH

so, just what do we know about . . craft, DIY design, & on-site sustainability ?
not to mention . . ‘insider/outsider’ roles ?
and, not to forget, artist-made lighting fixtures / vernacular objects turned folk art . . in what was essentially a sci-fi setting, let loose upon 4+ floors of an old warehouse on Lower Broadway, a ‘social experiment’ as Josh liked to call it. And which Ondie Timoner, the filmmaker behind the the documentary, likens to the ‘birth of social media’.

while I was hired on at first, as a participating artist – supposedly leading a Quilting BEE for Techies (!!)
I quickly became a part of the Production crew, and didn’t have much extra time, or materials – to make my own art for the approximately 3 week event.
so, I improvised with whatever was at hand, including ordinary typing paper, and other stuff just lying around, like the exhibition invite card above, and ‘Xmas red’ sparkles, grabbed from the then nearby Pearl Paint, on Canal St.

at night, some mystery pro lighting designer would come ‘zap’ up, the newest installations, and Josh had them light up my lanterns, too. that’s how fluid things were: dramatic, dramatic, extreme sport / spontaneous creative, and . . more dramatic, dramatic, dramatic / literally dramatic, from the lighting on down, to the outsize egos, Drama was a big part of the mix / on every level.
like one big . . paper, rock, scissors / craft, industrial, ego blow-out.
Archival Photo: NANCY SMITH