Urs - GBE
URS FISHER, in front of his painting, ‘A Novel & Its Novelist’,
in ‘Fig, Nut and Pear’, his one man show at Gavin Brown’s enterprise
FEB 19, 2005
PHOTO: Nancy Smith

the one image worth cruising the FRANCOIS PINAULT, PALOZZI GRASSI in VENICE, for – is ‘JET SET LADY’ by URS FISCHER. it is a huge tree ‘infrastructure’ containing many small artworks on paper, or as the site describes it:.. “simultaneously beautiful and ugly, mammoth and intimate, ‘JET SET LADY’ is a three dimensional map of the artist’s mind in the form of a tree…”

(..have absolutely no idea why the word “ugly” is used here … ?!!)

the site doesn’t allow images to be lifted …(once a businessman always a businessman) nor hyperlinked – so go to:

then hit: ENGLISH
then hit: artists
then hit: URS FISCHER

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