‘CREATIVE DIASPORA: Generation One and a Half’ – CURATED by YT/YT
starting . . . TUES JUNE 4, 2013 – 6 PM

‘Creative Diaspora: Generation One and A Half’ . . “is a series of conversations between New York based artists and writers whose parents came from the former Soviet Union, giving their children a new life in the United States. Their Russian identity continues to inform or inspire their artistic production. Their visual and literary art reflect the tension inherent in this double identity, a tension simultaneously challenging and productive, bewildering and enlightening.

“They are part of a large Russophone community, which has taken its place as part of America’s rich immigrant tradition. In recent years these artists have begun to play a significant role in New York’s cultural whirl. They enjoy , and are further confirmation of, New York’s reputation as the place to be for aspiring artists.

“At the same time they have a support system of art spaces, curators and networks dedicated to artists of the Russian and east European diaspora. Their American MFA’s make them simultaneously insiders, and outsiders — as outsider they are able to critique the contemporary art scene in its own language; as insiders they seek their place in the art historical narrative and endeavor to become part of the next phase in the post-modern canon.

“The purpose of these evenings is to expose these artists to new audiences and to create new connections between them. We think it is important to renew the once close ties between the visual and literary arts in NYC. We will transcend artistic categories, and converse about freedom, ;ove and home.” ~ Yulia Topchiy

YT/YT is a cultural initiative of YULIA TIKHONOVA (Brooklyn House of Kulture) and YULIA TOPCHIY (CoWorker Projects).

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