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Last Tuesday, July 10, 2007, MACY’s held a small reception for its ‘ART UNDER GLASS’ SUMMER 2007 exhibit – in which artwork is featured in the display windows of the MACY’S flagship store in NYC.

DESIGNER ANNA SUI was the special guest, and AMY LAROCCA of New York Magazine hosted the evening, which included a brief Q & A between Amy and Anna. Apparently ANNA SUI includes “several art-inspired looks” in her line, and they chatted mostly about how Anna is interested in and finds inspiration in contemporary art.

ANNA SUI was not an easy speaker, and Amy had trouble drawing her out. But after posting the recent JACK HANLEY item (a few posts below) – we thought back with greater interest to the most telling moment of their brief public interview. Amy Larocca, asked ANNA SUI at one point, something to the effect that, since you like art so much – what do you collect ? with the implication being that Anna has a big or at least diverse or maybe informed or even impulsive contemporary art collection, or would maybe drop the names of a few surprising and/or new cutting – edge artists. but no, Amy was very surprised, even a little bit taken aback by Anna’s response – Anna Sui said she only collects ONE thing – 60’s psychedelic band posters !!!!!

MACY'S-anna & amy

that’s AMY LAROCCA on the left, with ANNA SUI, just before their QUESTION & ANSWER.

Anna Sui


some of our favorite windows:

Macy's - Taylor

Macy's new taylor



MACY’s display window on Broadway, by MISAKI KAWAI

Misaki # 2

MISAKI KAWAI also provided artwork for several small windows featuring SHOES!! and handbags.

MACY'S - Shannon

our other favorite display window was by SHANNON PLUMB and featured wild videos of herself in fashion poses.

Macy's Taylor & Misaki

TAYLOR McKIMENS and MISAKI KAWAI in front of the MACY’S store, after the reception for MACY’S ‘ART UNDER GLASS’ – SUMMER 2007.

The artwork for ‘ART UNDER GLASS’ – SUMMER 2007 was curated by GABRIELLE BRYERS, and includes 11 contemporary artists. The mixed media artwork is featured in the MACY’S HERALD SQUARE store ground floor display windows through TUESDAY July 24, 2007.

PHOTOS: Nancy Smith
MACY’S ‘ART UNDER GLASS’ SUMMER 2007 exhibition windows and reception,
Macy’s Herald Square, Broadway at 34th Street, New York City,
July 10, 2007

more photos from the event & more pix of the windows