Gelitin the Rabbit

…talking about LEO KOENIG .. (the current TONY MATELLI show just posted on the artlovers home page)

the performance group, GELITIN, whom his gallery represents, just made the NEW YORK POST !
an image of their site specific – 200 ft tall PINK BUNNY – circled above – is featured in an article, just published,
in the PULSE section, pg 37. ( THE NEW YORK POST – TUESDAY JANUARY 23, 2007) (nypost.com):

“ABOVE & BEYOND” – “… sightseeing by satellite to unearth the wacky, wonderful”

the article begins …”The introduction of Google Earth in 2005 uncovered … all this and more,
using satellite imaging to take us where few have been ..
“It also inspired JAMES TURNBULL and his friends to found googlesightseeing.com
“With the introduction of a best-of book, “Off the Map: The Most Amazing Sights on Earth as Seen by Satellite”
(Carroll & Graf), Turnbull shared with the POST some of his favs and GELITIN’S
PINK BUNNY made the cut !

the text with the photo states: “THE RABBIT – On the top of Colletto Fava Mountain in
Piemonte, Italy, is an unusual sight – a giant 200-foot-tall pink rabbit, with its woolen guts
spilling out onto the mountainside.
“The bunny is the work of GELITIN, a group of artists from Vienna, who explain: ‘It’s supposed
to make you feel small, like Gulliver. You walk around it, and you can’t help but smile.’ It also
(unintentionally) mirrors the pattern of the local access road. The rabbit is expected to stay there
until 2025, and hikers are encouraged to climb onto it for a better view.”

PHOTO: copyright 2006 DigitalGlobe, via Eurimage

more on: GELITIN, in artlovers , including a link to photos of their critically acclaimed NOV 2005 exhibit,