~RUI TENREIRO . . ‘Lanterns of Nedzu’

it was hard enough to write about art . . . in the age of Covid /
but, now – in the poo poo poop Putin war on Ukraine, it’s even even harder.
it only leads one to the horrifying conclusion – that things can go – even worse.

even though I like to joke a lot, or maybe because I like to joke a lot / you know the maxim:
the tears of the clown / it’s looking pretty sad for humanity – though the creativity, heart & brains exist . . damn !!

it’s real bad . . . when the bullies – persist !!
when the bullie win out over the creatives / it’s not a good – look for world survival.
I had personal experience of this during Covid, don’t ever, ever talk to me – about corrupt ESU cops in Jersey City,
or, elsewhere . . for that matter !!
and, now just like the rest of the world, I watch the blue & yellow vs. red / news with huge horror, and dismay.
I hate to say this, but I definite believe in pinpoint death squads & drones.
and way, way earlier, as opposed to . . . later. I know it raises issues, but seriously !!?
so, much for your . . artist – pie – in – the – sky . . take.
not, me !!
& #metoo !! & #resist !!

funny how, the LUKE MURPHY created – LED DELI animated, ‘RESIST’ banner / at the top of this page,
just keeps on giving.
keeps on being relevant – as the tears / I mean . . years, go by.

RUI TENREIRO . . . the currently Stockholm-based, multi-talented illustrator,
storyteller, and filmmaker /
just posted this grave & solemn illustration – to his Instagram page.
this other maxim . . is totally true too: pictures speak louder than words.

RUI TENREIRO: “Front cover (without text) of my book ‘Lanterns of Nedzu’ for Sanatorium Forlag,
Publishing House, Sweden / ‘Lanterns of Nedzu’ is a (possibly weird) adaption of the ‘Kaidan Botan Doro’,
a story which has never been 100% successfully adapted, in my opinion, as the story itself is cursed, just
like its characters.”
image & text via Instagram @rui.tenreiro

RUI TENREIRO, was born 1979 (he’s 43),
and, grew up in Mozambique / during the horrific civil war there, which only ended in 1992.
he later moved to Oslo, Norway. and seems currently / re his online bio . . based in Stockholm, Sweden.

check out: RUI TENREIRO / Instagram @rui.tenreiro

~’Botan Doro’ . . is a Japanese ghost story that is both romantic & horrific /
it is one of most famous of the ancient Kaidan / ghost stories . . .
the plot involves sex with the dead, and the consequences (apparently really really bad) of loving a ghost.
~it is summed up in 3 words: beauty and fear /
~the ghost of Otsuyu, a beautiful lady who died pining of love /visits her beloved every night, intersects
with a horrendous clan of betraying & betrayed characters, in a tale of “sordid human relationships, revenge & retribution.”
~source: ‘KAIDAN BOTAN DORO – Beauty & Fear’, 2019 – mydramalist.com

there’s also . . .
a striking clip / of a graphic visually minimal short film, that Rui wrote & directed / a few years back, 2013 /
& it seems particularly . . . haunting / futuristic.
‘MOSHANYANA’ – by RIU TENREIRO / on VIMEO – click here for link

all 3 in mages via VIMEO – MOSHANYANA – VIMEO