Tara Mateik

Gender Identity Insurgent, TARA MATEIK, visiting Washington,
got bit by a biological agent, in the form of a dog, a border collie.
Not so funny, actually, he got bit in the face & required 26 stitches –
let’s hope the photos from his smash performance – “The Society of
Biological Insurgents” which posted in Art Lovers Photos (2005-04-20)
will cheer him up.

Tara’s performance, was curated by Lauren Cornell, and presented
as part of her DARE series, at FOXY PRODUCTION on Dec 11, 2004.
It was DARE #1 and it was received with great acclaim.

Tara also had a short, extremely lively, video, ‘Intersecticide’, presented at The Kitchen,
as part of: Alter Ego – An Evening of Short Video Works, on
April 19th, 2005. This program was curated by Lauren Cornell
and Henriette Huldisch. photos of the event can be found in Art Lovers Photos

This posting was first published on the artloversnewyork
home page in April 2005.

TARA MATEIK, photographed at his performance, “The Society of Biological Insurgents”, DARE #1,
in an ongoing DARE series, curated by Lauren Cornell, presented at FOXY PRODUCTION, Dec 11, 2004
Photo by: Nancy Smith

to see more photos from the Dec 11, 2004: performance