~assume vivid astro focus/John Connelly Presents/THURS/ELI SUDBRACK/KENNY SCHARF

astro vivid focus

assume vivid astro focus, ‘ a very anxious feeling’,
opens to-nite: THURSDAY MAY 3, 6-8PM
John Connelly Presents – 625 WEST 27th STREET
the show runs from MAY 3 – JUNE 16, 2007

(image: detail scanned from the show’s poster)

UP-DATE: MAY 4, 2007

Astro Eli

ELI SUDBRACK aka assume vivid astro focus – at the opening last night.

Astro Kenny Scharf

on the right, KENNY SCHARF, with assume vivid astro focus production team member,
CHRISTOPHE, left, at the totally packed opening, which spilled out onto the street.
assume vivid astro focus – opens – ‘a vey anxious feeling’ , May 3, 2007

astro fan   1

astro fan  2

the exhibit was designed to invite audience participation.

astro fan   3

masks with 3D lenses were given out at the door, and you had to take your shoes off to enter, since the whole place was papered with 3D pattern . . including the floor.

above Photos: Nancy Smith, May 3, 2007

more photos from the opening to post shortly

John Connelly Presents