~ERIKA SOMOGYI/Violet Dawn Love Song

Erika Somogyi card

the card for ERIKA SOMOGYI, ‘Violet Dawn Love Song’, which ran from January 5 – February 11, 2006 at Monya Rowe Gallery on W 26th St.

card image: Erika Somogyi, ‘The Voice in the Fire’, 2005, watercolor, gouache, and color pencil on paper, 22 by 30 inches.

….. what was more luminous? the constellation of Erika’s paintings, with their otherworldly yet somehow politically charged implications, or the equally shining constellation of underground stars, also just on the edge of being borne into the mainstream universe, who came to Erika’s opening to celebrate their friend’s vision and achievement.

Erika Somogyi

ERIKA SOMOGYI opens ‘Violet Dawn Love Song’, Monya Rowe Gallery, NYC, Jan 5, 2006
Photo: Nancy Smith

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