artlovers just couldn’t wait . . . for AMY GARTRELL’S one person exhibit, as yet untitled at the time of this visit – and to become: AMY GARTELL: ‘Function Creep’ at DANIEL REICH GALLERY now (OCT 20 – NOV 24, 2007) – so Amy was kind enough to invite us over for a sneak preview peek. and we mean peek – Amy doesn’t like having her unfinished work photographed. and much was still in preliminary stages, evolving magically, organically, around the room. The ‘untitled’ table, with its papier-mache ‘stalacites’ was finished ps, we got to get some pix of that . . . a thrift shop card table – don’t let appearances deceive you – Amy actually hand worked the table’s surface to make it look really used, the watermarks are her hyper realist touch !!

Amy Studio # 1

Amy Studio # 2

Amy Studio # 3

Amy Studio # 4

Amy Studio # 5

AMY SHOWED us some drawings in her files: including ‘A Rare Convergence (1978)’, 2007 – ink on paper, 23 x 34 ins – which is in the show:
Amy Studio # 6

Amy Studio # 7

Amy Studio # 8

almost finished … ‘For Your Protection’, 2007, Power Mac, ceramic (to be painted a dark brown), glass, lead. Amy makes the stained glass pieces herself – a detail from this glass piece was to become the image on the show’s poster.

Amy Studio # 11

ONE OF THE TINY TREASURES, this one a cone shell – in production – getting ready to to be placed inside the cabinet piece: ‘Quite A Display’.

Amy Studio # 12

placed on the table, a quilt Amy’s grandmother actually made for her (Amy’s) mom, when her mom was about 9 yrs old. whoa – I’d like an enchanted table like that – to place a small selection of my quilt collection on !!!!
Amy Studio # 12

a last look – some unfinished glass panes resting where they should – up against a window.
Amy Studio-last image

A VISIT TO AMY GARTRELL’S BROOKLYN STUDIO – where the workshop is in production for ‘AMY GARTRELL – Function Creep’ – DANIEL REICH GALLERY
OCT 20 – NOV 24, 2007.