more pix from the AUG 16, 2012 opening of ‘THE DOUBLE DIRTY DOZEN (& FRIENDS)’ – at FREIGHT+VOLUME.
the show runs thru SEPT 22, 2012.

on the right, NICK LAWRENCE with artist GENEVIEVE WHITE, who has work in the show.

Nick curated the show, and he said it took a good 5 months to put together – I believe it !! the range from graphically precise to far-flung expressionistic, painterly to sculptural, finely linear to buffoonish cartoon – lusty to bawdy, downright trashy to intellectually ambitious, in-your-face provocative to mysterious – is on display at every turn.
every turn is a surprise.

DAVID KRAMER, ’70’s Porn’, 2012. Oil, light bulbs, gel on canvas. 57 x 48 in.

Nick and Genevieve are standing in front of a large canvas that throws a beachy nod to trashy pulp fiction and erotic getaways !!
it’s hard to make out in the photo – but the work’s secret element – is the soft florescent lightbulbs running across the top. one being yellow and the other pink – making for that hot fleshy tropic zone heat – experience !!

but like a postcard from the mind, rather than the body (!!), or even a run-down motel at the beach for that matter !! the sexy souvenir turns mournful, Nora Ephron would have approved.
“I keep waiting for my life to take on a storyline that resembles 70’s porn . . .
. . . But at the rate I am going I have a better chance of making it to 70, before that ever happens.” (!!)

GENEVIEVE WHITE herself, has a small grouping of photos – self-portraits – in the middle room, that leave nothing to the imagination. steamy.
she says she draws and takes photos – but mostly considers herself a ‘performance artist’. I believe it.
I also don’t think I’m the only way who will remark – on her unique and rather unusual free-form – body ink . . .

GENEVIEVE WHITE, ‘Day After a Night at Boom Boom’, 2012. C-print, edition of 5, 8 x 10 in.
($500. framed)

she says the photos were taken recently, but before she became pregnant.
I guess it would be tawdry – to connect the . . . dots ?

GENEVIEVE WHITE, ‘Looking at Myself Looking at You.’ 2012. C-print, edition of 5, 8 x 10 in.
($500. framed)

ION BIRCH by contrast has some very explicit & male-centric (!!) but also very graphic – drawings on that middle room, wall-papered wall, too. but his are more, shall we say: fictional in narration. though also based on the genre of hyper-realism, subtext: self-portraiture.

BUT forget wallflower at the orgy – he’s taken the creative opportunity – to put himself front and center – and made himself the only male in sight – in a very pretty, but r-a-c-y (!!) harem.

ION BIRCH, ‘Untitled – Drawing 2’, graphite on paper, 22 x 15 in.
($3,500. framed)

here’s his close-up !!
detail, ION BIRCH, ‘Untitled – Drawing 2’.

his second drawing on paper, slightly larger in format – is also titled, ‘Untitled’ – but ‘Where in the World is Ion, and why is he grinning’ ? – works for me !!

ION BIRCH, ‘Untitled – Drawing 1’. graphite on paper, 15 x 19 in.
($3,500. framed)

single frame from – JENNIFER SULLIVAN, ‘Adult Movie’ – looping in the project alcove.
also of the self-portrait genre, but appears to be more of a psychological thriller ?
Real, but realist, NOT !!

JENNIFER SULLIVAN, ‘Adult Movie’, 2011. run time 25:12
($5,000. – edition of 5)


what the F ?
again, bye way of contrast – in all ways: pictorial, format, and impression/narrative – is a piece that slowly grew on me.

DAVID HUMPHREY, ‘Clown Girl’, 2009. acrylic on canvas, 44 x 54 in.
(courtesy of Fredericks + Freiser)

a large, painterly and hyper-imaginary canvas – it is brooding, and provocative. with deep undertones of multiple meaning – though dig that va jay jay !! Kind of HENRY DARGER meets up with . . . now !!
raunchy and trippy, and sad. all at the same time. what is about clowns – ever since that serial killer out west, I guess – that speaks: psycho kill-ah !!

detail, DAVID HUMPHREY, ‘Clown Girl’.
of course if you’ve come to love everything souvenir, and I guess tacky !! like I have . . . the crowning touch, besides the stupendously sensitive vay jay jay – is the little trashy, NOT !! ELOQUENT, YES !! post modern architecture scenario – tucked away in the left hand corner. we’ll leave it to someone else – to add up all the metaphors !!

of course, talking about va jay jays, NOT !!
ANDREA MARY MARSHALL, ‘Rosemary Myst with Balloon Dick’, 2011. Digital C-print 14 x 11 in.

standing out in the show – for its deathly pallor (!!) was EZRA JOHNSON’S goth/tarot card of a sex encounter.
til death do us part ?
EZRA JOHNSON, ‘Untitled’, 2012, oil on canvas, printed fabric and wood. 48 x 37 in.

we’ll give the last photo – to ANDREW SMENOS !!
just because !! we can, and he did !! go figure . . . !!
ANDREW SMENOS, ‘She’s a Fox’, 2012 (!!)
oil on canvas, 24 x 24 in.