UP-DATE: just after I posted this, there was a New York Post newsflash: 2 young boys had just died in Queens, they had fallen victim to a house fire / caused by ‘unattended’ lit candles.
this severely spooked me.
and not only because it’s supposed to be ‘Fire Safety’ week here in NYC, seriously !!

but I had just posted a studio visit with Nicholas . . that featured his digital image of a boy playing with a lit candle !!
with the accompanying words:
“yeah, Nicholas . . go set that house on Fire !! break down the status quo walls.”

!! !! !! !!


I thought it was a pretty fun coincidence to open the Wall St. Journal the very Monday after I went to Greenpoint, to see this ‘4 square’ screen print by ANDY WARHOL pop up, coming hot on the heels of just catching NICHOLAS STEINDORF’S 4 square digital image of a ‘boy with man head playing with fire’, a lit candle. a lit pipe, in his studio.

and, also in almost the very same color range – bye the way.

NICHOLAS STEINDORF, 4 square composition, digital imagery, approx 13 x 19 in. FALL 2014.

ANDY WARHOL, 1974 – 4 square composition, silk-screen of SAO SCHLUMBRGER . . to be auctioned off by SOTHEBY’S this fall. it has a pre-sale estimate of $2-3 million.

first off:
who the hell paints . . SOCIALITES any more ?
I mean, not even JEFF KOONS does.
don’t mention current affairs either, the biggest fear Andy and his pals had . . was passing out at Studio 54. don’t even bring up . . Ebola & the top-notch Dallas confidence-inspiring hospital ER response, NOT. making news headlines – this week.
hmm, ANDY died from medical incompetence too, during what should have been routine gall bladder surgery.

but Andy loved reading the NEW YORK POST.
it was his favorite read. no doubt, he would have loved this recent headline: SHARPTON LAWYER “HUNG LIKE A CASHEW” – !!

damn, that Warhol was such a modern guy, up on the tabloids – and killed off by medical incompetence.

p.s. it’s interesting to remember Andy’s stats: born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – in 1928, and died in New York City, in 1987. Andy actually died, 59 years old !! – probably just before, or maybe in fact . . just when Nicholas was born !! in Wisconsin.

p.s.s. of course, the ‘4-square’ – is a basic quilt pattern, called the ‘4 patch’ – it is essentially, the mother of all quilt invention !!

a basic 4 patch.

and, it just keeps on – evolving !!