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New York Post, Saturday, June 23, 2007 – Page 9

the photo caption reads:
“REEK SHOW: James Cooper under arrest yesterday for allegedly igniting a stink bomb at the opening of an art show (far left) by Frank Shepard Fairey. Artists wonder whether he’s the “Splasher” who vandalizes street art.”

the article begins:
“He may not be “The Splasher”, but cops say he’s a stinker.
James Cooper, a 24-year-old Bushwick (Brooklyn) resident, was hit with a charge of attempted arson yesterday after polic say he tried to ignite a stink bomb at a crowded gallery opening in Brooklyn.
“The local art community was immediately abuzz with speculation that cooper was the infamous Splasher – who has (recently) defaced dozens of street-art creations throughout the city with splotches of (white) house paint.
“Witnesses say that at about 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Cooper and an unidentified man attempted to ignite an incendiary device in a coffee can durung the crowded open-bar reception. A partygoer noticed the smoke and alerted security.
“Cooper was quickly caught, but his accomplice got away.
“Fairey, who gained notice in the early 1990’s by putting up stencils of wrestler Andre the Giant and “OBEY GIANT” stickers around cities throughout the east Coast, said Cooper shouldn’t get off easy.
“This is serious. I’ve been arrested for doing street art. I knew I would be held accountable for my actions, and he should have considered that jail may be a possibility.”, said fairey, who confronted Cooper after security nabbed him.
“the criminal complaint against Cooper notes, “If the device had stayed lit, it cold have ignited and caused a fire.”
“The Splasher has struck 20 out of 22 murals Fairey created in New York City.
“Fairey has his own theory on why his work is targeted.
‘Because I’ve moved beyond just doing street art, some have the idea that I’ve been corrupted. I’ve been able to have an art career and a design career, yet I continue to do street art and therefore I should be punished’, he said.”

what’s really amazing, is, if you are, also a “LAW AND ORDER” TV junkie, like artlovers, this kid looks just like all the brainwashed ultra right wing hate spawn that turn up on the show in regular rotation!


photos from the Shepard Fairey opening