~ANTONE KONST . . WAND: 1000 DAYS / w just a tiny lil’ SEAN VEGEZZI trippin’ !!

ANTONE KONST . . also did the cover art for the newest WAND LP & CD – ‘1000 DAYS’.
– in a word: fab. and primitive & full of meaning.
symbolism gone animal-istic, 2015 style.
that is . . with just a tinge of DIY.

‘1000 DAYS’ . . . is WAND’S 3rd LP – released Sept 25 2015 on ‘Drag City’.

this is what it looks like . . in a Greenpoint apt !!
and – NO, you don’t want to unwrap it. lol !!

this is what . . the back looks like, in a lil’ ole Jersey City Heights house.
yep, it’s signed.
best XMAS gift ever – somebody had to run around pretty hard, I heard to chase down the man – to get it signed, he’s a busy guy !!
and fer sure, you DO NOT want to unwrap it !!
cellophane . . . .

ANTONE also made a T-shirt – for the album.
sorry, can’t exactly say on who – something to do with Kate’s lil bro, Theo & his B’day !!
and he said: best birthday gift – ever !!
as in ‘ev-ah !!

this is the back – I love how it’s black & white, esp as the LP cover is a gorgeous acid, stone wash-y, expressionistic, big on the brushwork . . yellow !!
kind of a ‘ruby’ yellow, if you know what I mean ?
I love black & white in general these days – it’s really up to speed.
also . . the gnarly ‘fable’ dudes – too much !!
sorry, can’t say where.
something to do with SEAN VEGEZZI, and ‘CRISIS’ . . . and if you know Sean Vegezzi, then we can just leave it . . at that !!
all red & black this place – was. and scary. the future zone. void & scary.
a few handmade artifacts. the quiet eeriness of the aftermath. in a deserted building.
except, for the mechanical grinding of the still running escalators !!
not quite music to my ears, but the only . . . damn sound.
if T-shirts . . could talk.

ah, the future . . . forward.

just go listen to the music . . wave that – WAND.