HURRAY, vintage DIY craft folk art !!
with AWESOME . . SKILLS !!

vintage DIY / craft ornaments . . are the most fun, esp those that were done by hand-crochet, or hand-knit.
a lost art – in my humble opinion.
I’m sure these pieces – are bound for a folk art museum, one day.

vintage DIY hand-crochet Christmas ornament ?
with craft baby doll face . . boo hoo.
it’s about 8 inches in diameter. it’s made of synthetic craft yarn, which doesn’t necessarily mean it was made recently, or even way back in the 60s. it could be even earlier: 1940s, 50s.
“DuPont created the first acrylic fibers in 1941.” ~Wikipedia
one might be able to date it – via the soft plastic baby doll head.
found it last week in a Jersey thrift shop, for like a $1.50.
great hand / caft skills.

it actually has a little white button on the reverse, with a tiny loop ‘latch’ at the upper edge, so it must have been . . . an arm muff ?
for carolling, or a school play ?

wah !!!!!

this Christmas ‘pot holder’, looks to be made by the same maker.
the crochet stitches are similar in size & tension, and the yarn is identical.
same wonderful DIY homemaker / craftsperson made these 2 pieces. they were kept safe and treasured and then, somehow they end up in a thrift shop.
well, at least they have a found a new home, to be loved & appreciated in.

it’s also about 8 inches in diameter, and it even has tiny craft metal bells, inside the yarn ‘bells’, that tiny chime, and charm. the attention to detail is amazing.
so American, at its best.

this tiny ‘Santa’ Christmas tree, home-made yarn ornament . . looks to be made by another craftswoman, even though the yarn is similar, because of the difference in the ‘weight’ & tension of the crochet stitching. also, the googly craft eyes, make me feel it’s like . . 1960s, 70s ?
it’s amazing how mint condition, clean and perfect all these forgotten ‘folk art’ pieces are.
this little craft Santa is approx 5 inches in height, and about 3 inches wide at its middle.

it even has a ‘backing’ , so it’s a . . ‘pocket’ ornament, to put small gifts into . . like candy or jewelery. the sweetest.
truly, joy-ful.