lol, I’m beginning to feel like . . Alice in Wonderland.
things just keep on getting smaller, and smaller.
and more . . curious.

not to forget lunar . . and LUCKY !!
it’s a celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Monkey . . at GRUMPY BERT’S.
and, put on an ace show – he did.

opened SAT FEB 6, 2016
the show continues thru SUN FEB 28, 2016

read: background

all the work is one-of-a-kind, produced expressly for this show on traditional red envelopes.
you can shop online: Catalog/Grumpy Bert – Red Envelope show


word to the wise . . they are going fast !!
priced to fly – made to . . ‘sting like a bee’.
go get ‘em.

detail, EVAH FAN.
EV-AH !! . . an early master of the tiny, I was lucky enough to catch her work years ago at LITTLE CAKES, and it made a huge . . impression.

EVAH FAN used delicately, precisely cut papers. so her envelopes had a tiny, flickering level of 3-D. liek all the work in the show, the narrative was picturesque. very curious and beguiling. and like many of the artists in the show, she choose to – interact her designs.

detail, EVAH FAN
($120 ea.)

SHAWN CHENG, not everybody chose to illustrate the tricky Monkey, but the among those that did – the imagination ran . . free & wild.
($50 ea.)

detail, SHAWN CHENG.
crazy !! sting like a bee.

NELLIE LE. there were lots of young women in the show – making the most of this auspicious moment – casting their charming nets, far & wide: narrative-wise.
($120 & $80)

detail, NELLIE LE.
so cute . . a kitty cat / darling dumpling. take that Mr. Monkey !! and hope you rattle your chopsticks with . . jealousy.
likewise . . mainstream art world, oh yeah.

oh, yeah !! ABE LINCOLN Jr.
holding the fort – for the bad guys, the old school, the OG.
($20 ea.) BOTH SOLD
& now proudly . . COLLECTION: NANCY SMITH . . oh, yeah !!
pick up those chopsticks, and put your money – where your mouth is, is what I always say – esp when the ‘sticker’ price is: (downright) doable.
and I did – JUMP.

I felt like I was out of my body throughout the entire opening – it was that GOOD. electric monkey . . circus. Lunar New Year. Chinese dragons, firecrackers, sparks. lots of red and gold & fantastic trips of the mind. Far Eastern turns of the pen, superstitious and wild exotic . . to cuddly dumpling, ivory chopsticks. old fables. everywhere, just tiny explosions of the imagination all the way around the room.

the man himself: ABE LINCOLN Jr . . with good friend, JEN.GENOTYPE

at left, CHRISTINA CHUNG, ($60)
the rest are by . . BRANDON SINES.
($80, $100 & $90)
and, so it rolled . .

detail, BRANDON SINES – note the tiny, tiny origami crane.
I mean really, things got smaller and smaller . .
while the (aggregate) show – got huger and huger.


BRANDON SINES – sticker art.
he gave me one (!!)
well, he had just met me – but clearly . . he had my number.

WIZARD SKULL, sting like Ronald !! naked !!
one of the funniest.
($40) . . already with a red dot: SOLD
somebody jumped, made the $$ hoop shot.

ALEXANDRA BEGUEZ . . hail, the Year of the Monkey.

KIM KU . . another sharp-fingered cut-out artist.

KIM KU . .

KIM KU . . the world is TINY.
and the universe is way more strange – than we can possibly know.

KIM KU . . a tiny sliver of 3rd dimension.

DINKC . . is king, is all I’m gonna say. and, I don’t even know him.
($150 – for the set ?)
I think it’s sold anyway, I don’t see it in the online shop.

ANDREA KANG . . sort of like mid-century modern meets anime, and they light up.
($65 ea.)

KAYOUNG LEE, with work in the show.

from left: STICKYMONGER, 2 by KAYOUNG LEE & regrets, just the tip of . . CRYS YIN.

STICKYMONGER . . anybody been in a blizzard snowstorm, lately . . NYC !!

doing a double take: STICKYMONGER

ROB PLATER, obviously another . . king – on the scene.
($70 ea) – they were marked SOLD, before I even turned around.

this is probably the ‘sleeper’ image of the show. totally off the grid.
if someone doesn’t buy it soon – I will.

from left: ROSE WONG, 2 pieces by MELISSA GUION and, MIKE HINSON.
MELISSA GUION, another cut-out artist, definitely outside the box – she turned the envelopes into firecracker paper lanterns.
($50 ea.)

MARK WANG . . c-r-a-z-y !!

4 more by MARK WANG.
ok, I’m . . speechless.
ok, . . killers !! don’t blink.
($45 ea.)

JEN TONG . . . beautiful assortment.
($65) some already marked SOLD

ZROPRO . . one set of 3, that made one interlocking image. there was a second set of 3 beside it, equally AWESOME.
in this case: the work looked huge. like a billboard.
($100 for the set). SOLD
you tell, em. Monkey. Monkey rule . . listen, up.

ADRIAN K. a running series of 5 dramatic pieces, luckily the kid who bought it – knew to buy all 5 !! Dragon !!
($60 ea.) SOLD . . to THEO CERIGO, lol.
(you might remember him – the indie curator of . . ‘UNDER THE VOLCANO’)




~ZROPRO . . adds clouds !!

I’m telling ya, the world is changing one tiny embellishment – at a time.

ZROPRO . . just added some Chinese clouds to the Grumpy Bert – Red Envelope show – Instagram – ‘poster’.

n-i-c-e . . !!
very embroidery – like !!

ancient Chinese cloud riff – by ZROPRO.
image via Instagram @zeroproductivity
see: @zeroproductivity on the web
check out his store: Products / zeroproductivity

where I just ordered a set of 4 TURNT-UP metallic decal stickers – for $6 .. !!
as they say: DOPE !!!

see: ZROPRO – ‘Turnt Up Cans’


~GRUMPY BERT: RED ENVELOPE SHOW . . opens tonight / Brooklyn

over 50 artists !!
the single unit & the AGGREGATE CONSCIOUSNESS – INVADES !!

opens SAT FEB 6, 2016 / 6 – 8 PM
the show goes thru FEB 28, 2016





now, this is ONE artist, who really excels in the . . mini nano micro !!
see: @danielledejesus1 . . on Instagram.
I’m . . serious !!

lol, GRUMPY BERT, without . . . the monkey ears !!
or: in the vernacular: LMAO !!

more info: Traditional Chinese Red Envelopes/Packets/HONGBAO



don’t worry, world humans – we love ya !!!



H is for HUMAN !!
H is for HOPE !!

Instagram GALLERY INVITE for GROUP SHOW that opened at GALERIE F in Chicago – last night.

image via Instagram . . @billycraven – the head honcho behind Galerie F.
aka big brains – on 2 feet.

image via GALERIE F

MATTHEW HOFFMAN – the man / custodian / curator . . behind YAB . .
Photo by PAUL OCTAVIOUS – courtesy GALERIE F, Chicago



GALERIE F – shining the light, throwing the . . breadcrumbs.
ruling the art scene – from CHICAGO !!

~ZROPRO aka @zeroproductivity . . oh oh no

oh oh the little canary in the mine – drops dead !!
#mood #warning
the little birdie has chirped . . drop dead !!
or, is that: p-l-a-y dead !!
human world: wake up !!


IMAGE via Instagram – @zeroproductivity

~muretz . . cosmic jerks !! probing, lol !!

who da cosmic jerks ?
we . . are !!

IMAGE via instagram . . @muretz

~small & smaller . . R. NICHOLAS KUSZYK

COSMIC JERKS vs the microbe.

so, um . .
I’m thinking the lowly, but tricky mosquito is just the ‘vehicule’ of choice for the ZIKA virus. could be, we . . are way behind the tiny microscopic things we can’t see. evolution-wise. maybe we are the Dinosaurs. and about to go extinct, too. well, in a century or so – with the way things are going. a century – is just a pin hole – re the millions and billions of years our earth has been around.

the virus – is the real animal / predator smart ass sitting on top of that mosquito and directing it – like it’s a one super tiny mini nano space craft. how better to take down mankind, than to manifest as small. we don’t care about small – we only are about . . big.

but here’s the deal. when small things ‘aggregate’ – and think as one community, a beehive, a ant colony – with one collective brain – than watch out: aggregation is bigger than big. maybe with social media & the web . . we ‘brain luggers’ are just catching up to a higher form of ‘wireless’ social – communication. telepathy ? intuit ? supreme connected-ness ? maybe they do communicate, maybe they do have languages. what do we know – we are just being able to . . see them. maybe viruses are the true life force, not just of our earth, but the universe. when our space ‘probes’ keep coming back with ‘there’s no life out there’, (yet) when our lowly planet is teeming, or was teeming . . with life. maybe they just mean . . as in our size.

so. the ‘aggregate – finger tip’ combo, that we call INFO – on the web says:
“VIRUSES are even smaller than bacteria and require living hosts – such as people, plants or animals – to multiply. Otherwise they can’t survive. When a virus enters your body, in invades some of your cells and takes over the cell MACHINERY, re-directing (!!) it to produce the virus.” OCT 24, 2014, Mayo clinic.


so talking bout unimaginably . . small, and the power of the small and the one voice, in the aggregate community . . especially if it’s a bold GRAPHIC design like this bug, or a razzy, catchy logo on a contemporary art sticker, lol. . .

the Wall Street Journal said yesterday in an article by ROBERT LEE HOTZ . . that two independent research teams identified 36,985 (!!) genes in the ‘pin-head’ sized bed bug. yikes. we are like dinosaurs. so big and so blind-sided by our natural range of vision.

further: “the common bedbug .. has infested humankind for so many that today it survives solely on human blood”. as for their adaption, mutation & evolutionary prowess / community skills: “Almost eradicated by DDT & other chemicals bedbugs after WWII, bedbugs today can withstand levels of pesticide a thousand times greater than the lethal dose of a few decades ago . . and the have rebounded world-wide”.
can we do that ? no.
and, in fact the level of pesticides (& antibiotics) we engage in the global pest war -is poisoning our environment & water – & most definite, if nor outright killing our babies, (and adults who get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time – when a careless ‘fumigation’ occurs usually in the 2nd world resorts we love so much, btw. google it) and most certainly mutating our babies & children.

in other words, these invisible no-head (?) warriors . . are turning our arsenal against ourselves. keeping the host alive but damaging the babies. go figure – predatory smarts – or what. in the art world, we call that kind of thinking: skills. creative skills.

further, “in the new genome studies, the researchers found more than just bedbug DNA . . (they also) found genetic traces of 400 different kinds of bacteria (on EACH single bedbug !!) . . that form a key part of the creature’s life-support system . . by providing nutrients missing from human blood.”
like I said, nano micro skills, or what ?!!

damn: it’s a little, tiny parallel BROOKLYN D.I.Y. world – out there, just one bedbug.

and, just one (out of 400 – of those bacteria, on each pin head-sized bedbug) . . “provides its bedbug host with a ‘cocktail’ of B vitamins essential for reproduction & development”. and let me tell ya, the other 399 ain’t siting around doing nothing either.

in a nutshell – pun intended, yes.

it takes 400 maintenance guys to keep one tiny bedbug up and running. we are basically talking . . a whole ‘village’ of trained workers on each bedbug.
and you want to know what infinity – means, lol.

tell me again, there’s NO other life out there . . so far.
we are such cosmic . . . JERKS.

R. NICHOLAS KUSZYK aka rrobot aka @rrobots
acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 2008.
7-3/4 x 7-3/4 inches. lol, tiny in the art world.

so in other words, if genetic scientists were ARTISTS !! – this might be how they would describe ’400′ workers – on each bedbug.

get a grip, world. scale – is EVERYTHING.
and certainly not chauvinistic big heads with huge jerky brains . . 2 legs.
with limited nano micro eyesight.

leave it to an artist – to get it first !!

see: R. Nicholas Kuszyk on Widewalls


~ and you thought, ROBOTS WILL KILL . . nope: but RATS WILL EAT BABIES !!



& all of this – that’s been coming up on these pages:
NUDITY, BIO-NUDITY, BABIES, MOTHERS, (IN DEPRESSION), HUMAN SURVIVAL, FUTURE FORWARD / RATS EATING BABIES, CHILDHOOD gnarly scenarios, and now, sticker art & the scale of things, from the large ZROPRO birds chirping on street murals, to his tiny birds chirping on tiny stickers, and even including a brief run on . . the thirst for all things RETRO & DIY !!

is leading up to . . . the BIGGEST & BEST – ‘BLUE CHIP’ SHOW OF THE SEASON . . . can you guess ?
one hint: it’s in Chelsea.
posting – next !!

is a ‘sticker’ . . like a snowflake ?
each snowflake is so tiny & individual. each a perfect art work. they fall where they will. the sun is never more beautiful than on a snowy day – after the storm.
and yet they . . . cover ground in masses that stops whole cities, these fragile puffs – even kill people.
they are so mini . . nano small, breathes of cold air on their own, but perfectly express: infinite. aggregate. a huge huge concept – infinite.

so, is a ‘sticker’ . . . like a virus ?
and . . in how many ways ?
and in how many ways – NOT.

PHOTO: EPA via daily mail

the micro . . ‘cannot-be-seen-by’ the naked eye – ZIKA VIRUS.
very small things – can be very distressing, our human babies are being threatened globally – in a very ‘sci-fi’ come-to-life . . scenario.
forget the ROBOTS WILL KILL of Blade Runner, tiny microbes will kill. or worse create a sub-human genre – they can feed off of.
4,000 and counting.


though I would be willing to bet – it just might be the insecticides they are spraying that is causing the DNA damage.
the super tiny enemy virus microbe using the tiny mosquitoes . . to bring us down ?
the mosquitoes in turn engage the human chemical repellent – response.
damn, they are using our own ARSENAL – against us.

brilliant. why do we – as a whole overlook the really really tiny ?
why do we assume that what is super tiny – has no power to think, organize, evolve, destroy, feed. as in build a food chain ?
just because we need to carry big brains around, why do we think that’s the only way – to world domination.

relative ‘scale’: big vs small . . is such an amazing thing to consider. it’s right up there with the concept of . . ‘infinity’. and . . aggregate.
from the tiny beetle that is destroying our forests, to the Zika virus deforming our babies . .
to the nuclear ‘particle’ of the CERN / Hadron Collider – Nobel scientists . . to the far flung reaches of the cosmos. and the search for . . microscopic life – coz no big, little green ‘fellows’ seem to be within our range, as of . . yet !!

and right back – to the digital screen upon whixh you gaze, and all the tiny pixels that make up your incoming photos.
no to forget all the varying size formats – that your different ‘devices’ can call up. and how easily we all adapt.

even these words aggregate, from keystroke, (what a pin drop used to be) – and flow outward – from a tiny pinpoint on a GPS map. in a house. in a room. with a desk. and a computer.

‘social media’ – is a good example of both:
1) the concept of infinity – the mass / the web of non-stop information and data, and . .
2) the tiny. the infinite millions of individual contributors tapping away on their keyboards & uploading their photos, thoughts and info – all over the globe. and even out in space.

our whole communication universe is so accessible democratic. and so huge.
and it all comes down to the – pixel. the point.
the keyboard stroke. the small finger tip going – tap tap tap.

and thus, scale.
scale in a digital word, is the new . . geometry.

SCALE, or the size of things . .
is really important to artists, and graphic designers, (and let’s keep things simple and NOT get into music.) the size of the things you draw or paint, the focus & the pattern & the volume of the details, the brush stroke, whether on an 8 x 10 inch paper or on a large 8 x 10 foot street mural scale is the first ‘stop’. the first thing that needs to be considered. a tiny plastic anime figure on my desk – or a giant KAWS sculpture in an outdoor park – SCALE is the absolute basic – that every artist has to consider, and work with. from fonts to 3D hatch work – from early cave men to contemporary large projected CGI.
in a word: scale is . . an infinite topic in & of . . itself.

artists get this. it’s just one of the tools in their tool box. it’s just a given. Quilters get this – even more. the infinite world of quilt patterns – that never once repeat. even within specific patterns. no two quilts are EVER the same. also: the tiny pieces that make up the patchwork patterns, the tiny stitches that hold those pieces together. the aggregate blanket itself. . no, Quilters do not dismiss the tiny, oh no.
one stitch gone wrong – can put the whole thing out of kilter. so much so that a mistake – is seen as the ‘hand of God.’ in that – it’s considered prideful to think a human can be perfect. a concept that is universal among all hand skilled-based communities from ancient times, around the globe. including knitters & weavers.

of course, there have always been stickers, as in retail ‘price’ stickers, ‘star’ for school achievement stickers, opaque labels to cover typos, etc etc. in the 50s they had a big culture of Christmas ‘stickers’ to place on your Xmas card envelopes.
back in the early 90s ‘stickers’ – had a big renaissance with books of photographic animal stickers – that you moved into the correct place in the accompanying text. and then, of course . . . ‘Hello Kitty’ hit hard.
Kate used to collect tiny, colorful & so sweet . . . books of KERROPI stickers !! back in the early 90s.

KEROPPI STICKER BOOK – COPYRIGHT 1995. Sanrio, produced in Hamburg, Germany.
all of 2-1/4 x 2 inches.
and so: sunny side up.
damn, no wonder the Millenniums turned out – they way they did.
lol, and NO. I’m not joking.

STICKER ART, JAN 2016. collab: ZROPRO / @zeroproductivity & @its_mittens
image via Instagram via @zeroproductivity

so, STICKER ART . . is in a big revival / renaissance right now.
it seems to make perfect sense, given the ‘fracturing’ of the whole society / global community we are entering into, big time.
the digital evolution.
as well, technically, computers with their DIY graphics platforms – and DIY home self-printing helps. incredibly, of course.

also the way we see things now, so ‘birds eye’, from the little circle ‘logos’ & icons of our profiles on Instagram . . to the way way we scroll through small ‘mini’ images – on our phones.

and the way we do things now, like this blog: you just put it out there.

it’s like street art – but the ‘walls’ – are the ‘web’.

brick and mortar walls vs digital walls ?
that’s also a matter of: scale.

sticker art by REGELVERK
image via Instagram @regelverk

like bite-sized ‘street art’ . . stickers, they come in very different sizes and . . voices.
but the key is: voices. and, yes . . it’s global.
sticker art – the ‘creative’ VIRUS !!

some are unique, one-of-a-kind hand drawn images, maybe repeated by hand, others are printed, and even die cut. some are stenciled. and so yes, calligraphy is a big thing now too, esp free style / hand style.

some are on ‘found’ labels, USPS – I hear are ideal. and free. others on new, specifically designed permanent sticky back product. eggshell stickers are stickers that can NOT be peeled off like run-of-the-mill . . decals.
they will just fragment and splinter / shatter into a million pieces – just like, well: an eggshell. so these are more designed for the street. so people can’t grab them. the best way to collect these is take a photo – and yes, there’s a whole mini sub-culture devoted to just that !!
finding and identifying them. esp on IG / Instagram. they travel further on the IG than then do on the street, anyways – and they fit that format perfectly. as witness this page of re-posting. personally I don’t mind seeing them on a utility pole in Brooklyn, but I hate the smart u guys s who slap them on bus shelters. it’s like silence – can be golden.

also: damn, did SHEPARD FAIREY initiate the calling, with his small square shaped OBEY GIANT paste slaps ?

whole, small DIY companies have grown up around this. I guess the question that is next – is when are the commercial ‘albums’ . . in which to collect them gonna . . spring up ?

you can order many different kind of stickers, some are even seasonal, i.e. red Chinese New Year stickers are hot right now . . .

STICKERS . . from BlankStickers.bigcartel.com
@blank_stickers / image via my IG feed screenshot.

it makes TOTAL SENSE. in a digital world and, ergo . . it’s a ground up . . phenom.

we live on & via . . social media. everyone can put their voice out there.
everybody can print out, draw on . . scribble, type, stencil, voice their thoughts, and fears and dreams. on stickers. it’s not a huge commitment either. which perfectly suits the IG world.
it’s like a huge, collective . . ‘canary in the coal mine’.

anybody can make their mark on stickers, and disburse them. esp over the web. they make for excellent Instagram posts. but they are also tangible. people collect them and exchange . . they are not all destined for slapping on streets and mailboxes.
they are, in essence the tangible side of social media. little birds, little messages . . that fly & flitter, online – and, offline.
not many things can experience – both lives.

and they are tiny. individual units – like, well SNOWFLAKES.
and they rule.
an infinite universe.

I think it also – works into . . TATTOO CULTURE. putting messages on your skin. expressing individuality.


TRUDIE KAISER . . painting on a Boundless Brooklyn DIY water tower, from the recent Jan 2016 . . ‘TAT IT UP’ exhibit at GRUMPY BERT, in Brooklyn.
I think these kind of custom-izable – DIYSMALL cardboard kits . . are an incredibly creative – outgrowth of both street & sticker art.

plus it gets the art inside, and on platform where it can really be kept safe, appraised, experienced, and maybe help . . the artist make some coin.
plus it’s small and easy to keep, and collect.

like a sticker . . . anyone can make a kit – and paint it.
it’s a great ready-made ‘stake-out’ – for your ‘footprint’. just add your voice to the ongoing Babylon. and it’s so fun, and so . . . retro !!
it’s very democratic.
it’s your voice – damn it, speak !!

plus eventually with tattoos you run out of skin.

and re: street art – do we really want it stuck up all over the place, no. so from ‘stickers’ to kind of . . 3-D ‘stickers’, si all fine with me.
the key is: SMALL.
the key is: UNIVERSALLY ACCESSIBLE & and infinite. and, c-a-t-c-h-y.
like a virus – just a more creative one.


virus ?
did somebody say . . VIRUS ?
a deadly Virus . . . threatening human babies ???

TRUDIE KAISER, painting on a Boundless Brooklyn water tower kit, Jan 2015 – in ‘TAT IT UP’, GRUMPY BERT, BROOKLYN ($200)
COLLECTION: NANCY SMITH . . . oh yeah !!!

RWK / ROBOTS WILL KILL, sticker – actual size: 2 x 2 in.
COLLECTION: NANCY SMITH / gift of the artist.


it was adapted from my ‘business card’ in the days when I was a young art student in MONTREAL, the late 70s. I was so counter-culture even back then, I was in an MFA program and it was all about color field painting and AGNES MARTIN !! – so you can just imagine !!
rebel, rebel INDIE !!

it was derived from an HENRI ROUSSEAU image, the early version / business card had a galloping horse. I’ve posted it on artlovers, a few times. just recently – on the 2016 New Year’s CRISIS – rant, lol.

I always thought the horse was a bit dorky – so I deleted it.
and then I stopped using it, even altered – because the ‘girl’ was too idealist, but there I go. nothing’s changed !!
so – yeah, I could have been a sticker artist !!

I guess artlovers is kind of a digital sticker – if you really think about it.
and, I do.

~SATAN CERAMICS in LA / SF -&- BABYLON . . in winter !!

SATAN CERAMICS . . will be showing at ART LOS ANGELES, in the EVER GOLD PROJECTS booth, JAN 28-31, 2016 – i.e. this weekend !!
FACT: the word ‘PORCELAIN’ derives from the old Italian term for the cowrie shell – ‘porcellana’, due to “their similar translucent appearance.” – wikipedia.

EVER GOLD [PROJECTS] is proud to announce:
‘SATAN CERAMICS, Tenderloin Edition’ – opened SAT JAN 23, 2016
the show runs thru MARCH 26, 2016
Ever Gold [Projects] – 441 O’Farrell St, San Francisco, CA



TOM SACHS, ‘FREEDA’, 2014. English porcelain, high fire reduction, Temple white glaze, NASA red engobe inlay. 3.375 x 4.5 x 4.125 in.

TOM SACHS, ‘Breakfast’, 2016. Wood, steel, stoneware, porcelain, toaster, tv, pirated DVDs, water boiler, coffee, sugar, maple syrup, whiskey, stereo amplifier, speakers, surveillance cameras, loudspeaker, epoxy resin and fiberglass. 70 x 42 x 30 in.

JJ PEET, ‘BRICKVACEVEST’, 2015. Mixed media, 46 x 18 x 8 in.

MARY FREY, ‘Self Examination’, 2015. English porcelain, death metal Engobe, luster, resin and fiberglass. 13 x 6 x 7 in.

PAT McCARTHY, ‘Air Carrier’, 2016. Porcelain, plastic, copper. 11 x 8 x 12.5 in.



lol, PAT McCARTHY just sent me this photo of his pigeon coops, (he has 2, one for the breeders and one for the young teens) collectively called ‘BABYLON COOPS’, up on his Brooklyn roof-top. he has a friend watching over them, while he is out west – and he said yes, they survived the last week’s wintery blast.
ok !!

and, yes – I have been up on that roof – but in the fall, no snow. and it was dizzying-ly dis-orienting around the edges, but super amazing. he waves a big black flag to get the pigeons to fly out into the vast Brooklyn sky. he throws real reindeer pelts over the coops to protect them from the harsh winter weather. he bought them off eBay, straight from Norway, or some place life that. I was too entranced by the pigeons, and the homemade gear he devised for them – to remember all the facts.

you can see the reindeer pelts piled onto the coop on the left in the photo. that’s technically the ‘Babylon’ coop for the breeders. the coop to the right, is for the young jerks, lol. it’s called ‘JOEYS COOP’.

~ANTONE KONST . . WAND: 1000 DAYS / w just a tiny lil’ SEAN VEGEZZI trippin’ !!

ANTONE KONST . . also did the cover art for the newest WAND LP & CD – ’1000 DAYS’.
– in a word: fab. and primitive & full of meaning.
symbolism gone animal-istic, 2015 style.
that is . . with just a tinge of DIY.

’1000 DAYS’ . . . is WAND’S 3rd LP – released Sept 25 2015 on ‘Drag City’.

this is what it looks like . . in a Greenpoint apt !!
and – NO, you don’t want to unwrap it. lol !!

this is what . . the back looks like, in a lil’ ole Jersey City Heights house.
yep, it’s signed.
best XMAS gift ever – somebody had to run around pretty hard, I heard to chase down the man – to get it signed, he’s a busy guy !!
and fer sure, you DO NOT want to unwrap it !!
cellophane . . . .

ANTONE also made a T-shirt – for the album.
sorry, can’t exactly say on who – something to do with Kate’s lil bro, Theo & his B’day !!
and he said: best birthday gift – ever !!
as in ‘ev-ah !!

this is the back – I love how it’s black & white, esp as the LP cover is a gorgeous acid, stone wash-y, expressionistic, big on the brushwork . . yellow !!
kind of a ‘ruby’ yellow, if you know what I mean ?
I love black & white in general these days – it’s really up to speed.
also . . the gnarly ‘fable’ dudes – too much !!
sorry, can’t say where.
something to do with SEAN VEGEZZI, and ‘CRISIS’ . . . and if you know Sean Vegezzi, then we can just leave it . . at that !!
all red & black this place – was. and scary. the future zone. void & scary.
a few handmade artifacts. the quiet eeriness of the aftermath. in a deserted building.
except, for the mechanical grinding of the still running escalators !!
not quite music to my ears, but the only . . . damn sound.
if T-shirts . . could talk.

ah, the future . . . forward.

just go listen to the music . . wave that – WAND.