It seems that Pitchfork – the quote unquote “new music” site – is losing its grip on new music . . .

A Mr. Mark Richardson gave a pretentious negative review to the debut CD Cape Dory by the new group Tennis, which I feel will probably be one of the best CDs of 2011.

His review smacks of the class resentment that followed the release of the first Vampire weekend CD.

He probably listened to Cape Dory with only earbuds on an iPod, not a real sound system. And only with his mind, not his heart or body.

I read his review of the new Destroyer CD Kaputt, in which he gave a very favorable review, to see where he was coming form. He is coming from that cool, intellectual, ironic conceit that destroyer is famous for. I am big fan of the early DCs This Night, and Streethawk, by Destroyer, thinking them two of the best albums of the last decade because of Dan Bejar’s emotional heat.

It’s the emotional heat, which is the result of the very-much-in-love couple, who are Tennis, which is so authentic and attractive. Sincerity is not a negative in music.

Cape Dory is an amazing album, not only for Alaina Moore’s voice with Hammond keys, which is really expressive, but also for Patrick Riley’s surf guitar – that sings !! Besides their hit ‘Marathon’, I am addicted to ‘Waterbirds’, ‘Pigeon’, ‘Seafarer’, and ‘Long Boat Pass’.

In contrast, Kaputt though slick and well-produced, sounds to my mind emotionally and intellectually tired.

It’s so easy for wannabe critics to praise anything rock strs do (and have no doubt about it, Dan Bejar is an indie star), while arrogantly dismissing newcomers. The best way to listen to new music today is on YouTube, maybe using Pitchfork as a reference, but don’t fall for that “best new music” bullshit – written by power-tripping “critics”.

CD ARTWORK: Cover photo by ERIN ALGIERE, Design by KYLE FLETCHER, Additional photos by TENNIS

Tennis, ‘Cape Dory’ copyright 2010 Fat Possum Records LLC


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