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High Places CD

SINCE Panda Bear’s CD – Personal Pitch – of 2007, proved that great, beautiful and
important music can be made using all those exotic electronic musical toys, I wholeheartedly
recommend the High Places’ debut self-titled CD – HIGH PLACES.

This girl-boy team make really lyrical electronic noise that’s original, majestic and emotive.
And, guess what !! – you can also dance to it.

There is also buzz circulating about the THRILL JOCKEY EP of earlier 7 in. vinyls – the band had put out, before this full-length CD.

Listen to it LOUD, so that it’s lush seductive sound envelopes and dominates you.
The one music video on “Yours is the only Tube” – is not to be missed.
Bells, whistles and shakers forever, so Rock on Girls and Boys.

DEFINITE, check out: High Places – Shared Islands – LIVE at the FADER SIDESHOW !! NYC, Oct 17, 2007

watch the whole concert: c/o BAEBLE MUSIC !!

High Places, HIGH PLACES, Recorded at home by High Places in 2008, THRILL JOCKEY