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John Darnielle a.k.a. The Mountain Goats can be called the last “man with guitar standing”. For me, The Mountain Goats represent along with Cat Power, the Palace Brothers, Built to Spill, and the Elephant Six collective of groups, one of the pillars of 90s independent music.

At one point (mid 90s) I made a 90 min. tape of only Mountain Goats songs, that I still blissfully listen to today on a newly purchased antique Walkman. When the Goats signed with 4AD – I pulled back a few years, while Mr. Darnielle relentlessly plowed forward with 5 more CDs.

The sound on his latest CD Heretic Pride has been pumped up a notch without sacrificing any of the authenticity that he is so well known for. The title song, “Heretic Pride” is a masterpiece that highlights the many talents of Mr. “All Hail West Texas”.

One of the things that impressed me regarding his comments on his early CDs was that he was a “reader” – and proud of it. Being an audiophile, I also agree with his view that one’s playback system is a must for rich interior life. Don’t think twice about getting Heretic Pride – and if so inclined, go back and listen to the previous 11 CDs. Check out The Mountain Goats on YouTube and die happy.


The Mountain Goats, Heretic Pride, P & C 2008 4AD LTD

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