~Band of Horses

Band of Horses-CD cover

Band of Horses # 2- DOG

Band of Horses # 3

BENJAMIN BRIDWELL (above left, both photos) and MAT BROOKE (right) of Band of Horses.
(Photos: Robin Laamanen – courtesy Sub Pop Records)

The debut CD of Band of Horse, EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME,
on first listen was so musically seductive and “sweet”, that I was suspicious as to its
substance. After several spins, that concern disappeared in the face of the dark gravity
of the lyrics.

Benjamin Bridwell and Mat Brooke, the core of this lyric and guitar rich band, have crafted
a CD filled with little, intimate, haunting pop-folk jewels, alongside big soaring epic guitar ballads.

The breadth and depth of the guitars owe a debt to that west coast guitar-god,
Doug Martsch aka BUILT TO SPILL, while the underlying, driving beat and tempo
(on the fast songs) remind me in a funny way of the early RAMONES.

All 10 songs are great and are placed in an order on the CD that is seamless.
The more elaborate songs: “The Funeral”, “The Great Salt Lake”, and “Monsters”
are good examples of the powerful beauty contained in this CD.
Play all the way through, and loud for best results.

Band of Horses, EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME, Sub Pop Records, 2006