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The debut CD, The Bird of Music, by the new all-girl group, Au Revoir Simone,
is a welcome breath of fresh air. The music is a combination of my favorite girl groups
from the 80’s, mainly The Go-Go’s and The Raincoats.

The Pop wildness with all those synthesizers sends me back (not in a retro way)
to the 80’s and sunny California, while the more serious lyrics gets me to gray London
and that independent stance strongly advocated by The Raincoats.

The other girl group that I was into in the early 80’s, The Slits, (who were making
very gutteral and experimental noise music) are not here, but their alternative
spirit is.

Take your time with this CD, for it reveals itself slowly and in layers. The great
songs are ‘Sad Song’, ‘Night Majestic’, ‘The Lucky One’, ‘Dark Halls’, and the awesome
‘The Way To There’.

This CD is as sweet as The Be-Good Tanyas’ first CD, Chinatown.

cover and back photos by Flora Hanitijo.

Au Revoir Simone is Heather D’Angelo, Erika Forster, and Annie Hart.

Words and Music by Au Revoir Simone.
Copyright & Publication 2006 Triple Keyboard Action
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