~The Drums, The Antlers, JJ, Girls, Dirty Projectors, Your Heart Breaks

Since I’ve been away a little bit, I’ve also made a little list of new music on YouTube – that you might find interesting. Enjoy.

The drums
The Drums – ‘Let’s Go Surfing’.

The Antlers - 'Two'.
The Antlers – ‘Two’.

JJ # 1
JJ no. 1 – ‘my life, my swag’.

JJ - Things
JJ – ‘things will never be the same again.’

Girls – ‘Lust For Life’.

Dirty Projectora
Dirty Projectors – ‘Stillness Is the Move’.

Dirty Projectors - Pity
Dirty Projectors – ‘I Pity The Poor Immigrant (acoustic)’.

Your Heart Breaks
Your Heart Breaks – ‘The Hideout (10/25/07) Part 1 of 3’.

Kimya Dawson & You Heart breaks
Kimya Dawson and Your Heart Breaks – ‘Torrey Pines’.

note: SIMON would like to add that the DRUMS and the DIRTY PROJECTORS – are Brooklyn-based.