~Beirut & Band of Horses

Beirut Flying Club Cup

Beirut Flying # 2

Beirut Flying # 3

Beirut Flying # 4

Band of horses - #5

band of Horses   6
(Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, 2007/Christopher Wilson/COURTESY: Band of Horses

Band of Horses # 7

The second CDs of both Beirut (The Flying Club Cup) and Band of Horses (Cease To Begin) expand on the musical pleasures enjoyed in their debuts – see reviews below.

Since I am always on a quest for that thrill that comes with discovering a “New” great sound, I sometimes miss the follow-up CDs of a great band.

On Beirut’s new CD, Zach Condon’s melodic voice is t stretched to great effect, while the music gets a little tighter in all the right places. On the Band of Horses’ new CD – the sound is more relaxed and not as etched as on their debut. Both groups’ second CD releases flesh out the promise of authenticity that was clearly declared in their first “gems”. It is so refreshing to hear music made by musicians who are enjoying themselves so much. VIVA LA INDEPENDENCE !!

Beirut, The Flying Club Cup, copyright 2007, reproduced by permission of EMI Music Publishing Ltd. London, BA DA BING
Album Photos found in Paris, France (chez Chryde)

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Band of Horses, CEASE To BEGIN, copyright 2007 SUB POP
All photography by CHRISTOPHER WILSON

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