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F Foxes # 6

It seems that musically the area around Seattle, just keeps on giving.

First it was Nirvana, then Beck with Calvin Johnson on that great album, One Foot in the Grave, and then all those awesome Built to Spill CDs, followed lately by Joanna Newsom.
The latest addition to these music giants is the band Fleet Foxes. You should get their same titled debut full-length CD, as well as their amazing EP, Sun Giant. In my mind both discs form on amazing whole.

The music is neo-folk with a real drive to it. Great vocal harmonies and some very tender moments, totally authentic and mesmerizing. One of the best CDs of 2008. Check out the radical White Winter Hymnal video on YouTube, since it is one of their best songs. Other great songs are Ragged Wood, Your Protector, Oliver James, Meadowlarks, oh, never mind – all the songs are great. Truly a delight.

definite, check out: Fleet Foxes/White Winter Hymnal/YouTube – the definition of m-e-s-m-e-r-i-z-i-n-g !!

F Foxes Hymnal

Fleet Foxes, Sun Giant, COPYRIGHT 2008 SUB POP RECORDS

Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes, COPYRIGHT 2008 SUB POP RECORDS
note: this CD has an amazing black on black – raised imprint pattern on the CD – which cannot be seen on the above scan. it also has an insert black and white poster, a really nice hand rendered drawing.
ya, gotta buy the CD !! to see it & the disc label artwork.
drop by OTHER MUSIC – and put your eyeballs – on it, at source.
White Winter Hymnal is on this CD.