Annuals CD- cover

Annuals - CD rt

The Annuals debut CD – BE HE ME, is a joyous musical celebration
that also uses, in unpretentious ways, ‘found sounds’, i.e. the sound of crickets.

This band has been compared to that seminal 90’s goup, OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL,
for their use of quirky twists in the music. For all their technical bravado, they do not lose
sight of the emotional states at the core of the music. When it all comes together, as in
‘Brother’, ‘Fair’, and ‘Sway’, the results are awe-inspiring.

The sound is full, confident and straight ahead exuberant. Not to be missed, if you
like a ‘white man’s’ reggae !

Artwork by Jaime Jones

ANNUALS, BE HE ME copyright Ace Fu 2006