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feels, the second CD by the New York based Animal Collective,
is probably the most important alternative CD of 2005. A real gem of an album,
it marches forward from where the Animal Collective left us in 2004,
when they released their legendary debut CD – Sung Tongs .

The feels CD, like Sung Tongs, continues the
Animal Collective’s search for new sounds, while at the same time being much
more accessible. In comparison to Sung Tongs, feels,
has a lot more lyrics, which help flesh out the meaning of the songs.
This does not stop the group from using those lyrics as an abstract sound
element in their quest to explore new sonic territory. Surprisingly all
this experimentation does not result in self-indulgence.
The new CD is as tight as Sung Tongs in its desire to create
new musical paths towards emotive authenticity.

It’s the sexiest experimental music we’ve ever heard . .

IF artlovers had a soundtrack – this would be it !

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, feels, Fat Cat Records 2005
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