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I just bought my 4th copy (in ten years) of Neutral Milk Hotel’s 2nd CD
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea and it sounds as fresh and new as when
I first bought it ten years ago.

In my history of Indie music it ranks as one of the top 10 CDs of the last 15 years,
up there with Cat Power’s and the Palace Brother’s first CDs.

Since Jeremy Barnes, who plays drums and organ on this compelling CD,
resurfaced on that great Beirut debut CD last year, and Kevin Barnes, aka
Of Montreal, has just released his 7th CD (a review on that CD will be coming soon),
and Apples in Stereo, (Elephant 6 founder and Apples in Stereo guitarist Robert Schneider plays several instruments, and produced this 2nd Neutral Milk Hotel CD), released their first CD in five years, I felt I should express my thanks to the whole Elephant 6 community for (as a friend of mine
named Cricket said a few years ago) …”saving the music”.

The sound and lyrics on In The Aeroplane Over the Sea at first sound strange and familiar
at the same time, it takes a few listens to get the awesome poetics and place the musicial references.
The whole CD is great and should be listened to, all the way through.

Lead singer Jeff Mangum’s lyrics revolve around Anne Frank’s diaries,
while the music can be described as American hillbilly folk punk. The spirit
that dominated Neutral Milk Hotel and other Elephant 6 groups, was one
of exuberant co-operation, musicians would play in each other’s bands,
and live shows like Olivia Tremor Control’s were famous for their joyous
jam sessions.


Recorded in the Elephant 6 Recording Company July – Sept 1997

Art Direction: Chris Bilheimer & Jeff Mangum – “Flying Victoria” by Brian Dewan