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Since I feel that The Mountain Goats’ new CD, Heretic Pride, (see my review below), is one of the best CDs of the decade, it is my duty to mention another Mountain Goats masterpiece, ALL HAIL WEST TEXAS. This 2001 CD is a great example of John Darnielle’s signature ‘low-fi’ style of that time.

If one goes through a list of CDs that The Mountain Goats have issued, one will be amazed. This ‘guy with a guitar’ played and wrote faster and deeper than he breathed. A lot of the material went to very independent compilations.

I was introduced to his music, when I happened upon Zopilote Machine in 1994.
By the time ALL HAIL WEST TEXAS came out, I had searched and digested most of his output.

Mr. John Darnielle was also an intelligent and vocal advocate for underground music then. I will not get into details about the songs, except to mention the fact that The Mountain Goats have ‘great heart’ – as seen in the songs: “Color In Your Cheeks”, “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton” and “The Mess Inside”.

Get this CD, and see . . . if you have a great heart.

The Mountain Goats, ALL HAIL WEST TEXAS, copyright 2001, EMPEROR JONES (EJ41CD)

P.S. “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton” has become a cult classic – here are 5 live versions. All are great.

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