~PAT’S PIGEON CLUB . . ‘WE OUT HERE’ / slightly updated SUN SEPT 7

AUG 11 – AUG 22, 2014

in the 2014 summer of DEATH – it was nice to see something about . . LIFE.
the cherishing of nature, the keeping alive of traditions & skills. and I don’t mean just the pigeon keeping, it’s also a spin on ancient clay pottery, specifically porcelain.
and coop building, etc. and, of course the literal art of: communication.
check out the show’s title again: club, as in social, fan zines & BIRD TALK.

that’s also why people like Brooklyn so much, gifted SKILLED hands-on production . . mixes with & up-dates age-old tradition, and it’s a very hopeful, very beautiful, very positive vibe.
skills – and social dialog being . . the key words.

just sayin’ in case you didn’t realize that yes, cutting edge art is alive and multi-splendored.not at all academic, nor shallow – nor art market-oriented, well maybe art market HOPEFUL re: sales !! and why not – talent needs to eat, and most markedly of all – most of it does strongly resonate to what and where the global world is at.


he basically says, re the status quo mainstream art world . . “The school system that births the Academic Art of today is the end product of the age old desire of artists to be more than artisans. DA VINCI, POUSSIN, WATTEAU, et al, shared a desire to elevate the mind above the hand, and to move up the social ladder as intellect equated with nobility, manual labor with the masses. The apotheosis of this tendency has come in the last decades as academia has removed skill of any kind as a quality necessary in the creation of art. As art has moved from being an organic function of society and into the hallowed halls of academia, it has shifted from being something that artists did to bring meaning to their communities, into self-reflective gestures aimed at a highly-specialized intellectual elite. In the process art has lost its relevance to the society from which it springs”.

I mean where was this guy when the whole street art scene erupted in the past decade. and even SHEPARD FAIREY went to RISD. (just being the most obvious – I can be.)

DUDE – DO YOUR HOMEWORK, and at the very least – get out of the trenches !!
where have you been ?

or as PATRICK McCARTHY says: “WE OUT HERE” – come and get us !!

and, all the CINDERS crew, incl the CHIPPENDALE free-form ‘warning’ & the MARK CROSS homeless ‘blanket’.

and . . esp the NYC native-born SEAN VEGEZZI & CREW aka 15 WARREN & 170 SUFFOLK.

and even . . WE LIVE IN PUBLIC – the underground grandaddy of them all, with its cutting edge experimental & 24/7 wired social commentary & profoundly correct & prophetic future vision.

in fact, I don’t even know why I’m quoting this guy, at all – except that it does point up 3 things:

1. ultimately, it’s NOT about academic or artisan anymore – if it ever was !!
it’s about the JUICE !! the beauty, the concept and the production . . SKILLS.
it’s NOT about MONDRIAN vs VAN GOGH.

2. but yes, what is drawing people to this statement, so much so that it was repeated in the WALL STREET JOURNAL – is that the mainstream art market is finally being perceived as over-blown and full of weak juice, if not outright artificial ingredients – trying to pass off as the real thing. and it’s beginning to become very obvious. but the wannabes are not just on the pseudo artist side of the coin – that art world ‘elite’ he refers to – are really the biggest losers in this equation – yep, those damn, buy like sheep – wannabe collectors.

3. all great art – is RELEVANT to “the society from which it springs” !! dude – art 101.
and, all great art goes to live on . . as relevant. sensuous, provocative, shamanistic, technical, beautiful, disturbing, etc. etc.
but most SPECIFICALLY, in the 21st C – the underground / alternative scene – is most definitely all about . . RELEVANCE.

inside MUDDGUTS, PATRICK McCARTHY had constructed a low-fi pigeon store and clubhouse.
and . . art exhibit.

Brooklyn-based PAT McCARTHY is 27 years old and grew up in rural Connecticut.

hotties . . !!
as well as his form-follows-function porcelain nesting bowls and hi-rise coop perches, see post below, PAT also exhibited several ceramic ‘tablets’ which acquire their zen-like dull coppery off-beat hue from the 92nd St Y’s gas fired kilns. they related obviously to his drive to acquire and share . . ‘info’.
which also resonates with breeding pigeons – those ‘retro’ carriers of . . messages.
it all spells: communication.

as opposed to destruction and entropy.
just in case you needed the back story.

PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘NEST BOWLIN TABLETS’, monochrome photocopy fired into porcelain. ($1,500)

we out here . . !!
we remaining,
and we . . . outta here / as in taking flight – both bird-wise and artistically.

PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘COOPS OF THE WORLD’, inkjet print, paper, marker. hand-made edition of 3. ($700)

the clean-cut exhibit also included a very interesting & informative wall of global coops.
nothing is as satisfying as the easy-going, yet speaks volumes – visual information of a photo. these were appropriated off the web. which also consciously or not, brings forward what is MOST wonderful about the computer age, the accessibility of huge amounts of information at a finger tap, and the equally easy low-fi technical ability to re-format that info – and distribute it further on to a specialized audience, i.e. the singular singularity of the collective wisdom of the web – and it’s traditionally called: communication.

Pigeon coops in SENEGAL.
so apparently pigeon keeping – is a global, and very much – living tradition.

EGYPT – you can reach back to biblical roots ?

MISSISSIPPI DELTA, so do pigeons sing . . the blues ?

go Jersey, I guess that’s why they are calling Jersey the next Brooklyn.

PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘MEDICINE CHEST’, mad bird medicine, vaccinations, and treatments for all ails, Coleman stove. ($2,000).

looks like keeping your flock pretty, happy & healthy is a detailed job – just like gardening.
just like . . give me a break – everything !!

there’s beauty and info, and it’s SCARY !! – in all them der bottles, fonts and labels.

PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘EGO FEEDER’, porcelain, bamboo, wire. ($1,500)

but my favorite pieces were still the porcelain, form-follows-function / with definite artist touch – ones.
though putting candy into a pigeon feeding station was a little bit of a turn-off. appetite-wise.
I didn’t think it needed that accessorizing touch.
though the colors and surface texture of the jelly beans were a nice visual contrast to the shiny white glaze. ok, they were a ‘doorway’ in. but if I owned one – I would keep it empty and pristine.

I mean the self-portrait on the roof – said it all, art-wise. plus the bamboo / shiny white clay combo – was super.
though I also feel compelled to say I thought the prices Patrick was asking were a little pricey for an underground type outfit, though then again the experience was . . priceless.
it’s always a hard call.
but definitely talent needs to be supported, and its a hard road to survive on the underground streets.
and those streets are real mean, too. as in slick, ripped off, etc etc.

the roof of the feeding station. very nice.
I liked this black & white photo reproduction & shiny white glaze – a lot. very charming.
nice 3-dimensional twist.

being borderline, but super hi-functioning so shut up !! sensory autistic – I do love love brightly colored cheap plastic trinkets, or what !!
apparently so does Patrick.
and esp small plastic trinkets, that can dangle freely from a brightly colored string. esp plastic trinkets that make sounds. esp plastic trinkets – whose simple form … follows function. esp dialog about . . mass produced plastic trinkets vs artisanal highly-skilled porcelain in the same breath – how fun. how informative / the contrast of surfaces, and the origins of production. the color contrasts.
one-of-a-kind hand-made ceramics vs cheap mass production – fascinating dialog. from such a simple . . gesture.


PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘GRIT’, grit minerals – $5 a scoop.

apparently pigeons need grit . . added to their feed.

yep, PAT’S PIGEON CLUB – was a small social experiment, a low-fi & hi-fi array of delight, dialog, and information. and thus: ART.

it was so summer 2014 NYC underground – in a nutshell: skills !! relevancy. life-affirming. communication-based. original voices.
so totally against-the grain of the prevailing art world market place, and . . therefore, full of GRIT.
as in . . self-determination.
existing on the ground with everybody else, what could be more basic than breeding pigeons and hand building clay . . but, flying right over all those stuffy status quo heads / alternative art and the alternative art scene do exist, esp in NYC – of course !!
the city of grit.

so, esp . . to the ones that don’t do their homework.

“WE OUT HERE”. come and get us.

though I do like the other take, too: we outta here – we off the charts, losers !!



AUG 11 – AUG 22, 2014


if an underground, hardcore indie art gallery could be like . . a country store, MUDDGUTS did certainly give that impression, this hot summer day.
since this was my first foray over here – I had no idea . . just what lay beyond the door.


the first thing that struck me was how casually – the small front alcove had been transformed into a lively kind of office . . for the artist.

I had to ask because never having been there before I wasn’t sure, maybe it was the gallery front office ?
but no, PATRICK told me it was part of his exhibit and he had made everything, and set up all the photos on the wall, etc. etc. and yes, he had made the boom box, and turns out, maybe more to the point – the small white clay bell – to the right, next to the handle.

PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘PIGEON SHOP STEREO’, mixed media “we out here”. ($!,000)
it lit up, it had a great vintage cowboy vignette, like it came off a retro lunchbox or thermos – and it said: “we out here”. (!!)
I bet it plays, too.
it was too pricey for my pocket. but boy, did I covet it.

PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘BAMBOO CAGE’, mixed media. ($5,000)

the Muddguts gallery had been turned into a gallery/store/club. the space is on the small side, all the better to know ya, give me artist-indie vs big box galleries any day.

you know a typical New York City bodega kind of storefront, and it seemed clear the minute you entered, some kind of magic, and some kind of pigeon grocery store – were married, and happily . . at foot.
in a sentence: a serious pigeon fan club offering solid pigeon breeding info, and some pretty zen-like handmade art – along with sacks of bird feed & industry zines.

this beautiful oriental wind chime of a coop – being one of the hand-made items on offer.
super loved the faux jade, but still . . luminous, green roof !!
so thin and papery.
looks to be configured – from an oriental parasol.
now that’s light-handed sensual fabrication, if I ever did see one.

it was also quite functional – not just a fantasy facsimile, witness the resident guest of honor . . .
what a beautiful pigeon, more like a dancer – not your average dirty scruffy street thug.

and so the story begins . .
turns out Patrick fancies and raises a breed called . . Polish Roller, nice name. pretty bird.
this is a Polish Roller male.
Patrick started out with 4, and now he has almost a hundred, or maybe it’s . . a hundred and counting !!

not knowing much about Pigeons, except for DUKE RILEY’S last (Nov 2014) show of a tough ocean-flying Cuban cigar-smuggling camera bearing pigeon crew . . I had to ask, did he know the Duke ?
turns out the Duke had just recently sold that huge showboat of an almost candy-colored wooden fable gypsy-like caravan coop he had made & exhibited in that show, “See You at the Finish Line” – it was called.
it just went to some big, or smart, probably both (!!) collector in Europe, for a dollar figure in the 6 digits. surprise, surprise, not.
that was 3 months ago, and since their home was now gone, sold as an art piece !! talk about artist-born gentrification !!
and turns out, Duke has been boarding the now homeless 30 or so member-strong sea-worthy feathered crew at . . BABYLON COOPS, with PATRICK !!
guess it’s a small world, in pigeon circles !!
I wonder what the rates are for pigeon coop rental ?
what’s worse I wonder if Duke even cares for them anymore, now that their 5 mins of fame – is up.
surprise surprise, somehow, I doubt it.
just a gut feeling. but somehow somewhere, I’m thinking gentle Patrick has 30 more tough ole birds to feed, and keep clean. and they are not even his – style !!

because Pat also brought to my attention that the sturdy birds that Duke had set to ocean crossing flight, smuggling cigars back to Miami from Cuba . . . in mini mini hand-sewn backpacks & hooked up with 24/7 mini cams . . were a really sturdy breed & looked like boxers. while Patrick’s in-house team was more graceful, more like dandies. I liked that contrast.

it was kind of like the contrast between Duke and Pat. one a showboat muscle, the other a graceful acrobat. all good esp in the yin-yang polarities, as far as I’m concerned. anyways, it’s not about one or the other – it’s all good, meaning beauty . . lies in the shades of gray.
between the ranges of expression = art.

PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘BABYLON NEON’, wire, steel, flamingo lights. ($1,400)
PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘Photoboard’, each – digital c-prints on cork board, the one on the left is framed. ($1,000 ea.)

luckily there were 2 photo collages on the opposite wall, providing a clear visual map to further my pigeon know-how: re: etiquette, the care of, and breeding.

and you know what, with the way this summer has been going, it was nice to fall into a world of pigeon devotion, if only for day. like a swim in a lake, without a care in the world, except for the cost of pigeon feed.
PAT’S PIGEON CLUB – had very gentle vibes.
the other side of the coin.

so turns out Brooklyn had quite the pigeon breeding culture, which still, though barely, lives on.
it’s fate lies in the hands of the next generation, because apparently 9 or 10 years old is the age when you typically get the bug, and you know . . first 4, then a hundred.

a pigeon landscaped roof-top garden, probably Patrick’s . .

Babylon Pigeon Coop seems to be quite rustic, and yet somehow . . romantic.
visionary. poetic.
too on the down-low – to be termed artisanal, and I’m thinking . . that’s a good thing !!
but wait . . til you see the pottery.

inside the Babylon coops – the ‘high-rise’ ceramic perches – fashioned by Patrick himself.
now that’s what I call . . artisanal.

a vertical row of them was for sale in the gallery.
PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘V PERCH HIGH RISE’, porcelain, hardware, wood plank. ($1,500)

so zen.
esp for porcelain. esp if you know the history of MEISSEN porcelain ?!!
apparently this almost all-white zen glaze . . is very colorful to the pigeons, because they have ‘pentachromatic’ sight and so they know which one is theirs.
essentially if humans can see 1 million hues, pigeons can see 10 billion.
range of vision and perception of minute color codes – is apparently essential to safe flight.

the ‘v’ shape helps keep the fellow pigeon under your perch, free of your pigeon poop. it acts like a roof and perch all rolled up into one – which lets the poop roll down to the floor, the better for the coop keeper to scoop it up.

PATRICK also fashions clay breeding or nesting bowls for his brood – the birds bring in their own organic adornments.

PATRICK McCARTY, ‘NEST BOWLS’, issue 3. porcelain. ($1,200 for the set)

when Babylon Coops runs out of proper nest bowls, Patrick gives them an ole sneaker . . seems to do the trick.

PATRICK McCARTHY, ‘BRONZED NEST SHOE’, converse sneaker, feathers, hay, epoxy resin, paint. ($2,000)






featuring vintage funeral home bowling shirts from the collection of – JOHAN KUGELBERG
opened FRI AUG 29, 2014 and ran thru the LABOR DAY WEEKEND.

LELE SAVERI and MARK CROSS – artist co-owners of MUDDGUTS.

he did those custom blanket/carpets with hardcore photos of wasted homeless people on them, you saw one at the MAY 2014 – IT’S AN INVASION show at the National Arts Club, and there was also one on the floor at the more recent CINDERS 10th ANNIVERSARY pop-up show – I hear he’s only made 5, each one is different, and he takes the photos with a point and shoot. I also hear tell that if you get west coast side, San Francisco – BARRY McGEE uses one as his family beach blanket. yes indeedy, summer of death, or what !!
file under: art slay.
beach blanket art slay, whatever.
I mean beach, desert, what’s the diff. it’s all sand.
except . . ok, fill in the blanks yourself.
hint: one side is all . . skillz and MIRTH !!
and the other is friggin desperate.
oh, back to . . bowling !!
bring on the hardcore prankster – clowns !!

JOHAN KUGELBERG – the curator of the show.
when they talk about . . you can live your whole life in New York – and STILL, you can turn a corner – and a whole new world opens up, this guy . . is what they mean.
check out: BOO-HOORAY

KEEGEAN COOKE did some of the props – talk about bowling pins killing it.
he did those skull and cross bone great graphics. distressed, but just right. not too showy, not too ghostly.
the guy likes to keep a low profile, but I think, watch out.

so yeah, they did turn the small storefront gallery into an ad hoc bowling alley, except of course minus the auto pin – pick up !!

the death pins !!
graphics . . KEEGAN COOKE

X marks the spot. you got one chance to score a strike and you won something, I forget what.
I was so blown away, I mean if you know me, I had already tripped over them, the bowling pins .. and knocked some down, so I guess that was my one shot.
so embarrassing.
my friends back at artnet didn’t call me artlovers – for naught.
and, there’s a reason why the name – stuck.
but . . back to bowling.

some pretty choice vintage funeral home / league bowling shirts lined the walls.

have I been watching one too many American Pickers ?!!
or as Frank would exclaim, waving his tiny flashlight – Mike check out those HO-HO !! HO FLINGERS !!

damn that’s one sick slick wall.
caught my attention. looks like the limited edition of 3 (?) SURVIVAL box sets, packed just the same – in USPS PRIORITY BOXES that JOSH HARRIS . . JOSH HARRIS my ex-buddy and his former partner-in-crime – the late great silk screen artist MARK ENGER aka EXPL SKY / EXPLODING SKY made up on the farm, after WE LIVE IN PUBLIC crashed.
it had a disposable haz mat suit inside, one size fits all – as well as a few other needy 21st C things, and yeah I scored one. of course. so, yes boxed set USPS . . rang a bell.
and a good one. don’t get me wrong. I mean maybe Mark’s death put Josh on the wrong path ?
I dunno – but he sure ain’t bowling . . strikes. lately.
but, back to bowling !!

damn. you got . .
~one vintage funeral home bowling shirt
~one zine
~a grim reaper Bowling trophy
~a skull and cross bones bowling pin
~a Too Bad You’re Gonna Die T-shirt
~all packaged in a hand-stenciled priority box .. for $150 / ?!!!
LIMITED EDITION of 10 – count me in.
I had Theo with me – so duh, artist kid with credit card is good for $150, or what !!

I mean check out that swift stencil job !!
black as night, and slightly diffused around the edges. good proportions, too.
and what about that . . trophy ?

grim reaper, or what ?!!!!!
Summer of DEATH, or what ?!!!!!
and look at how the light glances off that glass, plastic, plexiglas ? base. wow. may as well be crystal.
JOHAN KUGELBERG actually made the trophy. nice job.
no hesitation. count me in, Theo man – give the kid in the office your credit card.

and then oh god, I had a panic attack . . I actually had to pick a funeral home bowling league shirt for my boxed set, from the assortment lining the walls. wow, you could pick your own, it wasn’t just a random surprise. luckily about half of them were already gone, so I went for the shiniest – the RED ONE !!!!!!

I mean it was the only red one, fire engine red at that.
and I liked the name of my new home team, my new . . GHOST ARMY !!!!
am I building a huge ghost army – or what. all praise to BOB MARLEY for setting me on the path.
but back to bowling, I also liked the word play: OEH – LEA !!
OLA !! DEATH. OLAY, olah !!

and the player’s name was . . Siewerth ?
you got to be kidding me – rhymes with BLOW MIRTH, (see CINDERS show write-up) !!
kind of.
or, what about just: SEE WORTH.

but apparently it also held a great ‘secret’ !!
can you see it ?
guess all my American Pickers vintage signage forays were paying off . . . subconsciously.

apparently some wicked funny signage guy – did the ‘drop shadows’ on the letters, for they surely are at . . play.
the ‘O’s – are shadowed backwards to the rest of the letters !!
for real. just look at it, you’ll see it.

PETER. this is the kid who turned me onto that.
seems he’s a real bright kid who knows his fonts & shadows. and signage and graff and stuff.
he told me: you bought the BEST ONE !!
upon a little questioning he told me he was into BARRY McGEE & west coast graff. funny how McGEE still pops up on the east coast, even with Deitch down. see top of this post, for example. a great legend lives, is all I can say – the BLOW MIRTH crew as we like to call them.
he told me to check out: THR / THE HARSH REALITY & . . DFW.
in fact, DFW had just surfaced at CINDERS . . ISACC LIN.
also: KRON4NEWS, but not the tv channel.in the mix.instagram.

but WHAT really pops up on the radar for west coast graff right now is: ROBERTO CAVALLI SUED BY 3 GRAFFITI artists . . !!
big storm brewing, go for it, slam those theivin’ bastard sleazebags.

PRADA ripped off a watercolor textile design with Japanese flower buds, that I had shopped around in NYC in the early 90s, I saw it adorning a dress and coat suit – almost dot for dot, in her big MET show 2 summers ago. it was first ripped off and made into a bed sheet by the company I shopped it to.
then she, MIUCCIA took it and embroidered straight onto to her pant suit, without even resourcing it as . . ‘found’. she took full credit and in the same breath went on about how artists aren’t special and she doesn’t work with them. you know that big Schiaperelli and Prada show a few summers back.
so don’t get me started. always ahead of the curve or what.

all I can say is, TOO BAD YOU’RE GONNA DIE. losers.

PATRICK McCARTHY – had the last show at MUDDGUTS.
totally sweet and counter to the grain. but still most definite: GRIT.
it was called PAT’S PIGEON CLUB . . and I got great pix and they are coming up – next week.
sorry for the grainy portrait, my auto focus got distracted by the . . SATAN CERAMICS logo, and truth be told, so did I. Pat had some handmade ceramics in his show, including some very sublime porcelain pigeon perch ‘high rises’, and some very zen-like nesting bowls.

speaking of which . . TOM SACHS.
PAT McCARTHY works in the production crew at the TOM SACHS studio. I heard he actually holds a key position. sculpture / fabrication.
they are both, TOM and PAT going to have ceramic work in a quickly upcoming ceramics group show at SALON 94 in their downtown Freemans Alley location – opening SUNDAY SEPT 7, 2014 – wow, that’s next week.
and so, the Fall 2014 art season begins.

see you there.



yo, big party at MUDDGUTS . . . TO-NIGHT !!

‘BOWLING EBAY DEATH’ – a one weekend throw-down !!

will transform MUDDGUTS into a bowling alley featuring an exhibit of funeral home bowling shirts from the collection of JOHAN KUGELBERG !!
gallery visitors will get one chance to bowl and strike and win a grim reaper bowling trophy !!
and running for just 2 days:
SAT AUG 30 / 2-8 PM
SUN AUG 31 / 2-8 PM


DEATH, DEATH, and more DEATH !!!
that’s what I mean by . . ghost army.

the unknown thread that floats a blog, where you realize you forgot to post a photo of some guys you really like at the CINDERS OPENING, DEATH BY AUDIO, and it’s all quite innocent, and then – the DEATH HITS . . just keep on coming.
radar or what ? it’s a train ride to blogger heaven. when everybody is picking up – on the same beat.
riding that same train, destination: NYC grit.
blogging 101 – you gotta have that ghost army, watching your back !!

hacked to death in the desert.
hacked to death on the web. cyber bullied, cyber conned, cyber crushed.
shot up by 9 year old girls in bubble gum pink shorts wielding UZI’s at . . BURGERS & BULLETS !!

hey, death by bowling ball – sounds right on to me.
that hardcore NYC grin, says: back in your face.
I mean NASA just passed PLUTO on the way to JUPITER . . whazz up ??
KATIE PERRY & RIFF RAFF at the EMMYS !! loved it.
while TISSELTOWN mentality has gone global, it’s all about who’s got the most gruesome photo op up for 5 mins. of shock on the news waves, and just who does control the global media ? the original TISSELTOWN, HOLLYWOOD USA . . is just rockin !!

which gets us right back to . . BOWLING BALL FUNERAL SHIRTS & JOHAN KUGELBERG !!

Muddguts put out a super great press release, a lengthy statement by Johan Kugelberg that starts:
For some reason, I started buying funeral home bowling shirts on Ebay around 15 years ago”, and goes on, with great verve.
damn, and I thought I was mouthy, but hey . . there’s a lot to to say !!

so, then he waxes quite poetically and authoritatively . . for several paragraphs.
and, apparently there is a lot to say, esp about collecting, searching, finding, wearing, styles that ebb and flow, ebay, vintage bowling shirts, vintage Brooklyn, the game of bowling, the game of life and death, and . . the funeral homes that care of the messy residue.

I took note of this paragraph in particular:

“DEATH is obviously ultimately beautiful as life is beautiful, but the ugly aspects of the biz of death and dying is taken care of by professionals who need to go bowling once in a while. Father Time. Mother Death, Brother Ebay, Sister Bowling… All members of our spiritual family.”

in particular dug that: ‘obviously’ in the start-up !!
now if that doesn’t get you to thinking, what will ?!!

the PR text isn’t on the gallery bare-bones, but has great guts & raw graphics (3 cheers !!) website – thinking maybe . . they will have a hand-out at the venue ?

but you can, get yourself an abridged version !!

because turns out with just a little bit of easy-rider slacker web stalking, JOHAN KUGELBERG is the founder & head honcho behind . . BOO-HOORAY !! – the downtown gallery/think tank/archive venue, founded 2010 that has slowly been gathering momentum & buzz – and they’ve got a somewhat sleeker PR exhibit mission statement online, plus some very GREAT IMAGES / VINTAGE BOWLING SHIRTS with great signage bye the way . . & GREAT, POP-UP NEW AGE, SLIGHTLY DISTRESSED . . GRAPHICS !!
see: Bowling Ebay Death / Boo-Hooray

plus, seriously . .
Boo-Hooray, it’s just one great ‘visuals’ & real ‘info’ website – so sit back and cruise, it’s like a big ole stamp collection to the max, played out for easy browsing – for all ya artist & designer . . soul bothers and soul sisters.

most def, check out: BOO-HOORAY


pretty g-o-o-d visual, got a nice raw side.
definite leaning towards edgy, better, and . . best.


I don’t think .. so !!

so much drama this summer, or what ?
SO, where is . . NANCY ????

NANCY SMITH, and THEO in the 24/7 wired . . JEFF GOMPERTZ pod hotel. QUIET. DEC 1999, NYC.
it was the starting point for ONDI TIMONER’S Sundance 2009 award-winning doc: WE LIVE IN PUBLIC.
this was the poster image for the big MOMA PREMIERE SCREENING.

yep, that’s me . . in the trailer & the film. and the poster.
I got in a little ‘bio’ trouble. so what. like Magic says: I’m only human, too.
why ya gotta be so .. cruel. something like that.
but, damn did I love that green & yellow puffer jacket or what.
at the time, on the Lower East Side all the hood kids wanted were the Northface black or the small navy plaid ones – so I scored this one on the deep cheap.

I dunno, I guess I just got tried of writing about myself, and . . the crew.
but, yeah did I love that crew. I loved that scene to death . . it was the best, drama and all.
it was all so future-vision . . straight-up.
it was one rough & tumble, wild ride totally beneath the mainstream radar – just the way I like it.
guess some people just aren’t made for – the mainstream.
I dunno, maybe it’s because MARK ENGER aka EXPL SKY / EXPLODING SKY (!!) – is no longer around ?
I sure ain’t hooking up with his evil twin, that fer sure. haha.
just ride that underground train – Nancy.
that’s what Mark would say, and . . I hear ya.
I got my own personal ghost army, I got . . my own train now.

see: Where is Josh Harris now ? catching up with the WE LIVE In PUBLIC star prophet .. posted by ONDI TIMONER,
HUFFINGTON POST – 08.26.2014.

and, p.s. Millennium has 2 N’s !!
don’t drop that . . N !!


down with gruesome, up with . . you know, gritty c-r-e-a-t-i-v-e.

though, sad to hear their band SISTERS, is no more.
guess that’s a kind of . . death.
such a great name for a boy band duo, or what.

I caught them live at EASTERN DISTRICT, many summers ago.
YELLOW DOGS played that night too.
now that was a kind of death too, and it was NOT by CHOICE.
the very vocal, as in politically dissident . . YELLOW DOGS, the former Persian ‘cool cats’ who fled their homeland, IRAN only to be massacred in BROOKLYN, NOV 2013 – by a berserk band-mate ?
with a friggin’ huge assault rifle.
you can try telling me – that was just another ordinary day in Brooklyn ?!!
I’m going to tell you – more like a state-sponsored shut-up take-down, come on – how did the kid score that huge gun in the first place. there was absolutely no, NO follow-up in the media.
you tell me, am I right, or am I wrong ?
they had a huge anti-Iran footprint on the web – at their time of death including a feature documentary.
Persian cats . . to yellow dogs – think about it.
though on the other hand, sometimes truth is stranger fiction.
and it was . . just death by ‘stealin’ (band equipment) ?

oh, damn it just bring on the loud music, and shut-the-F-up.
go Brooklyn. bye SISTERS. bye YELLOW DOGS. in fact . . bye EASTERN DISTRICT ?
the biggest people to come out of that scene were the BLACK APPLE duo aka PUBLIC SCHOOL, clothiers.
EASTERN DISTRICT – like CINDERS, they sure put on some great shows, and had some great music.
a lot of great artists you never heard from again had some pretty great shows there.
POSTER BOY & all his pals, a really talented but stayed underground street crew, and – too bad.
CASH4 etc etc etc.
EASTERN DISTRICT was as a little more hard-edged, outlaw rebel. CINDERS was more, for lack of a better word – more pictorial, alternative, comics-inspired . . narrative.
both had political/society/status-quo breakin’ intentions.
both had future-vision. both got no love in the mainstream press.
both venues were hard-core – each on their own turf-side of the sunny-dark street.

looks like MUDDGUTS . . is finally picking up that hardcore Brooklyn slack.

oh yeah, the ex-sisters guys: AARON PFANNEBECKER & MATT CONBOY – of DEATH BY AUDIO, made the CINDERS OPENING, too.
with them at the left, artist MORGAN BLAIR.

check out: DEATH BY AUDIO

PS: looks like GAVIN is having a ROB PRUITT OPENING – SAT SEPT 13, 2014 / 6-8 PM.
Should I go, or should I stay ?!!



STO . . sometimes known as STO LEN, artist & co-founder of CINDERS.
that’s one of his 2 pieces in the show, just to the right of his head . . that scramble of blue lines constituting a profile of face. titled: ‘facial recognition’, and we’re thinking . . the programming and processing that goes on beyond . . the outer layer / !!
BRIAN CHIPPENDALE . . intense talkin’ smoke signals at left.

KELIE BOWMAN mingling . . artist & co-founder of CINDERS.
Kelie made the . . have no beginning have no end . . chill out y’all & enjoy the show posters, and wall-strung flag ribbons.

CINDERS Co-founders STO and KELIE BOWMAN curated this 10 year anniversary pop-up group show of the CINDERS’ community. they both also had work in the show, very cool pieces, bye the way.

STO, also an experimental musician – with SARA REGISTER of the band, TALK NORMAL.
when CINDERS had that great gallery/zine shop storefront on Havemeyer St. in (Old) Williamsburg, they used to put on a lot of great cutting edge musical performances – notably, YACHT pops to mind. the concerts were always hard rockin’, filled the small space beyond capacity, and usually over-flowed into the street outside.

check out: TALK NORMAL . . SUGARLAND – from their 2009 debut album.
SARA REGISTER on bass/guitar, ANDRYA AMBRO on drums.

artist/photog NICK KUSZYK with work in the show.

JOHN ORTH – with work in the show. humanity huddling under a roof of embers.

HISHAM BHAROOCHA, the maze beyond . . the interface.

KEVIN HOOYMAN brought his strange world, not your average rural . . drawings.

a guest, MADELINE at the zine table. we all loved her fashion.
the skirt came from her mom.

KYLE RANSON’s portrait, a drawing on wood, at the left, the guy in the bandanna – seemed to be there in person. yes, it was that good, that fascinating, animated. it followed you with it’s eyes and . . grin.

crowd reflections in the CHARLES SHEDDEN pieces.

barely there, a sliver still shimmering . . of the CHARLES SHEDDEN pieces in the background.
now there’s a case . . for opposite attracts – study: CHARLES SHEDDEN and KYLE RANSON.

walking across the MARK CROSS blanket.
heard the piece got sold to a big collector.

KATE gets the last word, with STO in front of her, and KELIE, outside – just beyond the door.
she’s wearing a treasured vintage T-shirt from her late dad Simon’s t-shirt collection, composed mostly of punk rock bands. and a few comic book images, thrown in for good measure.




a soothsayer is someone who can tell the future.
and usually it was grim news: as it often foretold death.
in this show, there was lots of foretelling, and most of it – was if not outright grim, then dark. and stormy.

leave it to KELIE BOWMAN and JUNGIL HONG . . quiet contrarians both, to rise above the darkness and dance along the rim of ‘being’, and therefore be the poster girl prophets for . . CREATIVE MINDS = SOOTHING VIBES, no matter how dark the vision . . the vision itself is a powerful, many-splendored thing.
like I said, soothe-sayers.

KELIE BOWMAN, silkscreen. ($300- $700)

here’s the thing about Kelie’s work. in many ways at first sight upon entering this intense group show, it’s easy to write-off her work as an after-thought, a decoration. but, that would be wrong. very wrong.
like a heartbeat in the background . . it pumps the quiet magic that keeps the show afloat.
it’s easy to think of another piece not in the show, as in removed – and the show still going on, but if you minus Kelie’s wordless ‘worlds’ . . a dancer leaves the room, and the show becomes disjointed, verging on cold and cruel. absurdist. surrealist. literal, sad ? less musical, for sure.

they say we live in a uber-violent universe, we certainly live in a very violent world.
it’s been like that since day one, so the deal is . . to trip lightly, and spin out above the fray.
question: so, if we live in a violent universe, is there a peaceful universe somewhere out there, too ?
just asking.
and if so, what’s behind the two ? a big old Tibet Boddhi drawing yin yang circles, and every circle is another set of universes / we find it hard not to be able define, to lock down: the beginning and end of things.
mystery drives us . . crazy.
triangles intersecting is small slice of that mystery, a repeating infinity.

KELIE BOWMAN, silkscreen door panel.

KELIE is one of the two co-founders of CINDERS, and also one of the co-curators of this, their 10 year anniversary show, along with co-founder STO – so in a way, Kelie pulls together all these artists, many with dark thoughts . . but she herself is able to float (serenely) along knowing this crew, her crew . , is still bubbling along. ten years going strong. ok, maybe no more brick and mortar storefront – but most def . . still standing, still dancing, still . . singing the song.
a new age presence on the . . 24/7 digital web.

KELIE BOWMAN, this silkscreen ‘trim’ ran across the top of the exhibit – at places.

I’m thinking you most get the dynamic of Kelie’s energy, inside the show – with her small flag-like, banner-like roll-out that ran across the top of the wall – in certain places.
it reminded me of the multi-colored flags that often shimmer over swim meets, or marinas. it delineates a visual breeze, and a soothing, unifying one at that. also made more significant by being from a curator’s hand, at that.
they should string these things across the faraway deserts, and up over troubled city streets closer to home – just to tell people to chill out. lower the violence, tone it down, as opposed to dialing it up.
folded-up versions in pretty colors should come in gun cases.
I mean, ok we live in a violent universe – but can’t we evolve past the gun being the only way to settle things. I guess not. same old same old, from Augustus through Lincoln.

though on second thought, I got a few people I’d like to strangle to death – with a damn art banner myself. and with my bare hands, and let’s leave it at that.

so as you can see, Kelie’s banners stood for something, running along the top of the room, you can’t tell exactly what they stand for . . but whatever it is, it is generous, and easy . . on the living.

JUNGIL HONG, ‘Summer Snake 13’, letterpress on archival paper, edition of 11. ($150)

now JUNGIL HONG, was an entirely different cup of soothsayer tea, and yet . . just as radical . . if not more so. personally I think this was not only the most graphic piece in the show . . obviously, and if you just want to read it, experience it as such – a pure abstract narrative – go right ahead. but, if you know her past work . . . very dark, richly colored and deeply-felt pictorial ancestral myth-makers . . of animals, like crows amidst eerie spooky non-western landscapes . . then you have to figure she has gone past fables into the realm of the . . super futuristic !!

yes, there may be entropy, death, and destruction of things as we used to know them – esp on the bio, the fragile planetary biosphere plane – but there is also the WEB !! code. new ‘organization’, new pattern – not based so much upon our genesis ‘bio-ness’ . . as much as on digital-ness merged with bio-ness / in a word. code. code building blocks and very much patterned . . in a word: hi-tech ‘animation’.
apparently we only have 5 billion years to figure out how to flee this planet before our lovely but violent sun . . explodes.
so, this is the . . way forward.
slabs of organization. slabs and slices of harmony. or well, at the very least . . ‘code’ dominoes marching on.
domino effect . . is a hardly a harmonic connotation in (cold war) military terms – which just goes to show you, the visual effect of Jungil’s page. her creative stance, her effect.

she definitely skewers more positive and futuristic, and pure, than the old definition of domino effect, as in war, or car accident . . with Jungil, it’s all about ‘patterns’ and code. and futurism. of a good sort.

I’m thinking:


then again, just to show how – these 2 soothe sayers lighten things up, Ima gonna close with a little . .

Urban Dictionary help:

domino effect – chain reaction

when a girl notices your bling

She liked my necklace so she started relaxin’, now that’s what the fk I call a chain reaction.




damn, if the landscape painters & photographers . .
don’t seem too thrilled about where we are heading, either.

DIANE BARCELOWSKY, ‘Town at Dusk’. ($450)

this seemed to be a happy rural point of view, but that winding black road – is UN-NERVING.

I mean the little house with the sweet bay window – has a sweet smile. but that road is damn near frightening. I mean paved roads are black, but still . . and maybe that’s the . . point.

from across the room, the trees look to be . . tears.
and that was pretty much – the happiest view – in the room !!

ALEX LUCAS, ‘untitled’, ink, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, silkscreen. ($3,500)

as ALEX LUCAS, made pretty clear.
with his unhappy scenario.
and yes, I do mean . . PRETTY. beautifully rendered.

shades of a masterpiece murder mystery, a car accident – global violence, or just entropy ?
the civilized world as we knew it.
going, going, gone.

‘N’ is for . . NANCY ?

‘JR’ is for .. JR ?

this bit reminds me of the news photos that followed upon that huge deadly tidal wave tsunami in Japan & the nuclear disaster swiftly following – that showed ancient markers along the coast – that actually read: DO NOT BUILD HERE.

CHERYL DUNN, ‘TEEN SEX’, digital c print, edition of 7. ($1,000)

you know what they say, a photo is worth . . a thousand words.

you can almost feel the ‘lost’ sperm, the spilt yellow seed . . oozing out of the condom, somewhere on the ground hidden behind the small rocks / unhappy images do come to mind, ‘KIDS’, ‘KENT PARK’.

RACHEL SUMPTER, ‘Igloo’, gouache on paper. ($1,300)
the future world tribal – vision ?
ghostly ?
with shards of colored light, tinkling overhead in a cold sky.

how ghostly ?
so ghostly.
impossible to photograph – ghostly, and ethereal.
though, dig that EXIT sign, for sure.
so there is serendipity – still, in the cards ?
or at the very least, in the act . . searching.
note: the twirling footpaths, like ribbons.

strange and haunting, a good case for: ART.

JOHN ORTH, ‘Fountains of embers sucked into the night’. ($200 ea.)

while JOHN ORTH . . plays the opposite card – the ‘graphic’ card.
but also making a good case for: ART.
so graphic and yet so also: haunting. ethereal.
full of mystery, but I’m sad to say, not much: promise.
also very Brit: graphic turn of the century Romanticism.
fairy tales and illustration.

and lays it down . . without a doubt.
it’s a dark road, the color tone – sets the tone – message.

just step back, there’s a bottom row . .

fairy tales and goth illustration. yep, so Brit.
there are . . figures entwined in the landscape.

they are naked, and they are seeking shelter under a huge man-made roof of burning embers, amidst sadly falling snow in an endless cold night.

wow, looks they could be doing the last dance: the humanity huddle.
as the last embers . . get sucked into the night.