~TOM FORKIN, RAUL de NIEVES & COLETTE / ‘HEAVEN’S TAB’ / A.D. NYC . . SAT APRIL 3 / last day / don’t blink !!

ok, back to our regular programming / running a little late.
on this show.
it was kind of bewildering, at first.
but been thinking about it – for awhile. how to define ?
what about . . return to industrial / fantasy ?

the fresh, but neon color palette in the Justin Bieber ‘Peaches’ video /
is what finally broke down the walls, on this exhibit – for me.
I had already cracked the Tom Forkin code:
wry funny, but still new age . . Industrial / subtext: clay, skills, function in a fictional ‘narrative’.

only after I had my mind-blown by the Bieber video, did I lock onto the saturated, but vibe-y color !!
of the RAUL de NIEVES work. very ‘fast-forward’ color Industrial, plus the ‘micro-bead’ fabrication.
though there’s definitely a very dark edge, that I personally would not want to interface with, too casually.
no no & no.

and, Colette ?
well, she’s just someone I always wrote off, as just another old school East Village local. colorful, but always way too predictable. though in truth – I really only knew her for the outlandish, but not very varied outfits.
kind of like a Christo, but on a smaller scale.
wrapping her body, and not buildings. wearing big hats.

but then, my longtime friend . . fearsome tyrant gun artist / fake BASQUIAT forger / and, curator ALFREDO MARTINEZ,
whose most famous line just might be: “too many questions – no group show for you !!” /
told me, he’s also doing a big ‘WOMEN’S GROUP ART SHOW’ (placeholder title) / and COLETTE !!
is going to be in it – so it definite roused my interest, with regard to this A.D. show,
and, it was: check, check, check. good. who knew.

the big Alfredo ‘Women’s Art in NYC’ survey will follow, and no doubt include many ‘hotties’, eat your heart out Jerry Saltz, after he gets done with the 30 person ‘FO_MO’ show, if you are not kicked out /
hey, it’s not called . . . ‘FO_MO’ – for nothing.

note: ‘FO_MO’ has been moved forward to some time in May, from the original April 15 opening. it’s still coming up fast / & will be in an empty commercial gallery on 23rd St, just west of 10th Ave, below the High Line – stay tuned !!

the big question: will he kick out enough young kids, that they will organize a ‘Down with Alfredo – Salon de Refuse’ ??

but, fun fact: speaking of the High Line, if you are eagle-eyed, you can catch Colette in all her decked-out glory. for like 1 second, in the opening credits of ‘JUDGE JUDY’/ as she strolls the High Line, with a companion.

‘HEAVEN’S TAB’ / a great, and very apt . . title.
/ people are really into titles, these days, have you noticed ?

this weekend, is the
last day: SAT APRIL 3, 2021

check out: great images & background text / ‘Heaven’s Tab’ – on the gallery website

TOM FORKIN, ‘Untitled’, 2021
Travel bar, expoxy clay & acrylic paint / 17.25 x 8.5 x 15.75 in.

looks to be some metal hardware, too.

damn, that’s good. & neat.
note: all 3 photos via Instagram @ad.nyc

‘Heaven’s Tab’ installation shot, with TOM FORKIN (foreground) & RAUL de NIEVES (background)
Photo: courtesy A.D.

RAUL de NIEVES, ‘Rhythmic Red’, 2019.
plastic beads & plaster on wood panel / 24 x 24 x 6 in.
one word: scary intense. ritualistic, too. industrial re: assembly of parts.
let’s, hope not: functional.
Photo: courtesy A.D.

‘Heaven’s Tab’ / installation shot with TOM FORKIN / foreground, surrounded by COLETTE.
Photo: courtesy A.D.

COLETTE, ‘Justine joins La Rocka (Modelling Agency)’, 1981.
Photograph, polyurethane, fabric & glitter / 19.5 x 26 in.
which just goes to show: nothing is written in stone – in the artworld / long live the 80s NYC art svene.
Brava, Colette !! the young kids – dig ya !!
Photo: courtesy A.D.